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The Day God Came to the Bank

During the late part of the 1980’s, we found ourselves in the middle of an impossible and catastrophic dilemma.  It was the most fearsome dilemma we had ever faced.  It was a threat that could and, if possible, totally destroy, humiliate and disgrace our ministry and forever brand us as a shameful failure.

Often times, the attempt to expand and enlarge the place of ministry can produce challenges that go beyond our ability to solve them.  At this particular time, we were in the process of re-locating our church and school (Faith Academy) from a small parcel of real estate on Lott Road to a new larger site on Zeigler Boulevard.  We had literally out-grown our facilities and were in desperate need for more land and larger buildings.  This would require a capital improvement project that would include the construction of a new 800-1000 seat auditorium and an entire school facility with classrooms and gymnasium as well as more space for athletic and physicals education needs.  It also meant finding funding to pay for the project.

We were able to secure 4.5 million dollars from a Bond Issue that was directed by a banking company in Texas.  It was a giant leap into uncharted territory.  We began construction at the new site and almost a year later were approximately 80% complete.  But we were struggling to meet our debt service requirements and soon fell well short of being able to do so.  No attempt we tried could relieve our dilemma.  Soon we were months behind and foreclosure seemed imminent.

I was called to come to meet with the bank officials and was told to be prepared for the worst.  In the meeting, there were bank officers, lawyers, CPA’s and me.

The subject was concerning the best way to transfer the property, the buildings and our entire ministry campus over to the bank, and how we could effectively vacate the premises as quickly as possible.  I was embarrassed.  Humiliated.  Ashamed.  And heart-broken.  There was absolutely no way of escape.  I had no excuse, no hope and was totally defeated.  And helpless.

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, one of the lawyers stood and emphatically began speaking:  “Thus saith the LORD….” And began to prophesy to all those present.  The atmosphere was electric.  Some there had no idea about what was going on.  Others were in shock.  Maybe one or two knew that we were being spoken to through a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit.    I really do not remember the exact words the prophesying lawyer spoke but it was on the order of:  “This man is an honest and sincere preacher, he has My hand on his work.  He is in need of your assistance in order to complete the Call he has on his life… Do not fear, I will see him through and all responsibilities will be met…. Give him grace and mercy…. Saith God”

Utter silence.  Then the flooding in of peace and rest and assurance.  I was awestruck.  The stressful meeting was de-fused and finally the man in charge (he must have been the president or vice-president of the bank) spoke directly to me and offered me a six month moratorium to get our finances in order.   God came to the bank.

Back on the site, within that six month period, God did a miraculous work on Zeigler Boulevard.  We entered a time of great visitation, revival and growth.  The work was completed, the school relocated and our financial short-fall increased to the level of catching up and carrying the debt and paying our bills.

Some years later, I signed a check that paid off all ministry indebtedness that secured a 100 acre campus and complex with a replacement cost in excess of 20 million dollars.




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