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Word for Today:  December 8

Jesus came to reveal the Nature of God.

He came from Heaven to show us what God is like.  He came to earth to answer the question:  “What is God like?”  And He is the Perfect Revelation of God.  Jesus “condescended” and “made Himself of no reputation…” to reveal to you and me and all creation Who God is and What God is like.

The Incarnation of Christ is the greatest miracle of all time.

All the world can now know God and God’s Person, Nature and Character.

Jesus perfectly and completely reveals the Nature of our Father God.  He said:

 “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father…”

Jesus condescended to this earth and “made Himself of no reputation”   He “laid down” and literally “left in heaven”:

  • His equality with God
  • The Glory He shared with the Father in Heaven
  • His Authority in Heaven
  • His Divine attributes and outward powers

He “Emptied Himself” order to reveal the Nature and Character of God.  Jesus is the Perfect Revelation of God.

Philippians 2

6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery  (something to be grasped at)  to be equal with God:

7 But made himself of no reputation, (emptied Himself) and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:

8 And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Jesus came to earth and put a Face on God


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Word for Today:  December 7

Jesus breaks the shackles of dead religion.

In spite of the horror of a world without God, Religion flourished.  Religion does not need God to flourish.  Most religion is without God anyway.  It is true today and it was true 2000 years ago.

In the Inter-biblical Period, (the time between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament) the Judiastic system continued on its path of rule and regulation and legalism.

Jesus makes us free.

  • Free from dead religion and man’s traditions and denominational customs.
  • Free from laws and rules and regulations.
  • Free from bondage to carnal deacons, elders, ungodly church leaders and unscriptural church government.

Jesus said that we would and could know the Truth (the Gospel) and the Truth would make us free.   John 8:32

The Jews in Jesus’ day lived in total subjection to:

  • The Law of Moses
  • The sayings of the Prophets and
  • The Writings that had been handed down from generation to generation.

There were 613 separate laws, commandments, rules and regulations that every Jew was required to obey and keep.   Every day.   That is why Jesus said of the Scribes and Pharisees:

“They bind heavy burdens and grievous to be born and lay them on men’s shoulders: but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers…”  Matt. 23:4

Jesus came from heaven to earth to break the shackles of dead religion.

  • Religion builds walls. Jesus builds bridges.
  • Religion separates. Jesus joins together.
  • Religion kills.

Jesus gives Life


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Word for Today:  December 6

The Heart of Scripture.

The heart of revealed Scripture is prophetic and messianic in nature.  God promised our deliverance from sin’s control and dominion in the first Book of the Bible.

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Gen. 3:15  

The moment Adam sinned, God immediately set in motion a Plan to redeem His Dream.  Here God promises to do Something to bruise the head of satan.

The “It” that will bruise satan’s head is the seed of a woman.  That Seed is Jesus.  The bruise that satan renders to the Seed of woman is the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Here in the very beginning of the written Word, God accurately prophecies that Jesus will come to earth and do something about the devil.

It will take God’s immeasurable Grace and the Obedience of His Immaculate Son…

It will take a Calvary and a Cross


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Word for Today:  December 5

The Real Jesus

I have tried to notice some characteristics in His Life that probably would not be accepted in the life of any preacher in our society today.  He is not who most people think He is.  He was not what most people think He was.

  • He was Radical.
  • He was outspoken. He pulled no punches.  He shot straight and true.  He did not “beat around the bush.”
  • He was transparent. Who you saw was Who He was.  No pretense.  No hypocrisy.  No make-believe.  No disguise.
  • He was non- religious. Did not run with the ministerial crowd.
  • He was fearless.   He did not mince His words.  He did right with no fear of possible consequences.
  • He was an iconoclast. A Non-conformist.  He kicked over sacred cows.
  • He violated traditions and He shattered customs.
  • To the religious world He was a troublemaker.
  • He was controversial.
  • He took sides with the underdog and challenged the respected.
  • He was a friend to the sinner and the profane.
  • He embraced the simple and rejected the complicated. He spoke so little children could understand and confounded the wise with Wisdom and Truth.
  • He was Uncompromising. Even when He could have won friends in high places and ultimately saved His own life, He refused to compromise.
  • He was Anointed. And this is what drove Him to the Cross…

He is The Anointed One.  The Messiah.  The Christ.


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Word for Today:  December 4

The Pre-Incarnate Christ.

The pre-incarnate Jesus is clothed in the Splendor and Glory of the Omni-powerful God.  He is shares co-equally with Him in all things.

He is Omniscient and Omnipresent as well as Omnipotent.  He is immutable.  He is not just a “babe born in a stable and wrapped in rags”… He is God.  Almighty God.  He is the Eternal LOGOS.  He is the Creative Agent of all that came into being as God Spoke:  “Let there be…!”

Jesus is the Force and the Power behind Creation.

He was in the world, and the world was made by Him… John 1:10.

Heaven is His Domain and the earth is His footstool…  By Him and through Him all things consist (hold together).

And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Col 1:17

In order for us to really behold His Glory, we have to transition from our “Bible Story” concept of Jesus…  “Meek and mild…” as a “Helpless child…”  Our early concept of Jesus has, for the most part, remained unchanged.  We have greater revelation therefore we must leave the “principles” and move on into the “perfection” of our knowledge about Him.

Some see Jesus as broken and bleeding and dead… impaled on a cross… the victim of hatred and religious prejudice.  Some can only behold a Dead Jesus.  They see the Crown of Thorns and the Bleeding Side and the Beaten Back.  They are moved to pity Him and feel sorry for Him.  They have developed a concept of His Human Limitations and see Him as weak and helpless.

The Jesus of the Word is All-Powerful.

  • He is Deity Personified.
  • He is the Face of God.
  • He is Majestic, He is Awesome,
  • He is Full of Power.
  • He is Originator, Creator and Sustainer.
  • He is the All in All.
  • He is the Great I AM.
  • He is LORD OF ALL

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.  Rev 19:16


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Word for Today:  December 3


Today thou shalt be with me in Paradise…  Luke 23:43

Here a guilty criminal simply asks Jesus to:  “Remember me when You come into your kingdom…”

  • He was not a “church” member.
  • He had not been baptized in water.
  • He had no character and no good reputation.
  • He had run with the wrong crowd.
  • He had broken the Law.
  • He had violated decency and destroyed that which was innocent and good.
  • He was guilty.
  • He was worthy of death.

And justice had caught up with him.

Now… this common criminal understood and received what the Jewish Nation and organized religion was blind to comprehend.  Jesus is no respecter of persons!  He loves criminals and drunks and prostitutes and homosexuals and thieves and robbers and murderers… He is color-blind!  He is LORD OF ALL!  He is compassionate and kind and loving and forgiving.  His kingdom is open and available to “whosoever shall call on the Name Jesus…”

How odd that God would choose a murderer as the initial trophy of Divine Grace… cleansed, restored and made acceptable by the Blood of Jesus.


“Grace, Grace, Marvelous Grace…”


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Word for Today:  December 2


Father, forgive them… they don’t really know what they are doing…  Luke 23:34

The Revelation of the Person of Jesus in this statement is a Revelation of Forgiveness.  “Forgive them…”

Can you forgive?  Have you forgiven?  Do you have anything against anybody?  Are you holding a “grudge”?  Are you not speaking with someone?  Have you “written off” a previous personal relationship?   What right do you have to harbor unforgiveness in your heart?  Have they done to you what these individuals did to Jesus?

Notice that Jesus looks beyond the outward act into the intents of the human heart… “They do not know what they are doing…”

In essence Jesus is saying “They are not responsible for what they are doing… they are being driven by a force they do not understand… it is the nature of satan in them….Father… be merciful to them… they do not realize what they are doing…”

The force driving of any unforgiveness in your heart is not God.  If it’s not God, then it is pretty obvious who it is…

Love forgives

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