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July 31, 2018

Word for Today:  July 31

What Faith is.

Faith is believing.  Faith is believing God.  Faith is believing God’s Word.  Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith is the opposite of doubt.  Faith is the opposite of unbelief.  Faith is a gift from God to you and me.  Every believer has faith.  Every believer has the measure of faith.  How much is the measure of faith?  It is enough.  It is enough faith to do what God says do.  It is enough faith to have what God says we can have.  It is enough faith to be who God says we can be.

Faith is connected with God.  Faith is connecting with God.  Faith is an attribute of God every believer receives when he is Born Again.

Faith is connected with the Word.  Faith is connecting with the Word. Faith activates the Word.   Faith brings the promises of God into the realm of the now.  Faith is connected with the Church.  When the church gathered to pray for Peter who was in jail, an angel came and opened the prison doors and let him out.  They prayed in faith.  They broke the barrier of the natural and stepped into the realm of the supernatural.

We do not come into faith on our own righteousness.  God honors faith on the basis of the righteousness of Jesus Christ which has been imputed into every Believer.  Our faith is not based on the works that we have done or our performance in the past.

We do not come into faith with legalistic theology.  Our faith is a finished work.  Jesus is the Author and the FINISHER of our faith (Heb 12:2).   God does not do things for us because we are nice, sweet, obedient or spiritual… He works in our behalf on the basis of the Blood of Jesus… AND NOTHING ELSE.

Faith accepts the Goodness and the Grace of God.  We must believe that “He is and that He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him…”   God can do anything.

  • He is not the Author of bad things. He is the Creator of good things.
  • He is merciful.
  • He is kind.
  • He is patient.
  • He is compassionate.
  • He is a Giver and not a taker.
  • He is a Multiplier and not a divider.
  • He is a Promoter and not a demoter.
  • He is adds and does not subtract.
  • He is forgiving.
  • He is understanding.
  • He is longsuffering.
  • He is kind and He is gentle.

God is Good.  God is Love.



July 30, 2018

Word for today:  July 30

Faith’s potential.

What you do with your faith determines what happens to your faith.  If you use it, it increases.  If you don’t use it, it decreases.  Use it or lose it.   Faith demands action.  Faith demands risk.

Faith is a creative Force.  The Faith of God is the Force behind all creation.  Faith is a “first-order” force.  God is a Faith God.  We are commanded to have the “God-kind” of Faith.    Mark 11:22

“Have Faith of God.”  You have the same kind of Faith that God has.  Faith is a Divine Attribute of God.  When you and I got Born Again, we received an impartation of the very Nature and Character of God into our Recreated Human Spirit.  When we were Regenerated, we were “RE-GENED…”  God Supernaturally changed and altered the Genetic Mapping of our human nature.  He “imputed” His Faith into us.  NOW… we have the Faith of God.

Just as you received certain biological and genetic characteristics from your earthly parents at the time of your physical birth, your also received certain Spiritual and Supernatural characteristics from your Heavenly Father at the time of your Spiritual Birth.  You look like your parents.  You have personal and emotional characteristics like your parents.  The color of your eyes.  The color of your hair.  Your physical size.  The way you walk.  The way are physically built.  Your size.

All these were built into you… mapped by the genetic structures of your parents… and passed on to you at the time of your physical birth.  If all these intricate and miraculous physical attributes were placed in you when you were born, what about the wonderful supernatural characteristics that were imputed into your recreated human spirit at the time of your Spiritual Birth…  When you were Born Again?

If the faith of God is behind all creation, (and it most certainly is) and if you and I have the same kind of faith, (and we most certainly do) then we have access to the most awesome force known in the universe.

That is a Spiritual Reality

All things are possible to him that believeth…  Mk 9:23


July 29, 2018

Word for Today:  July 29


Can you believe?

Isaiah had a problem.  He discovered some things in the realm of the Spirit that were just too good to believe.  His problem was to convince his contemporaries to believe the Report that God had given to him.  He cried out in frustration:  “Who hath believed our report?”  (Isa. 53:1)

The Gospel is Good News.   Not bad new, sad news, but Good News and Glad News…

  • The Gospel is POSITIVE and not negative.
  • The Gospel is LIFE and not death.
  • The Gospel is HEALTH and not sickness.
  • The Gospel is SUCCESS and not failure.
  • The Gospel is PROSPERITY and not poverty.
  • The Gospel is LIBERTY and not bondage.
  • The Gospel is OPPORTUNITY and not restraint. It is an open door and not a closed door.
  • The Gospel is the WAY. The WAY OUT, the WAY UP, the WAY THROUGH and the WAY OVER.

Many in the Body of Christ are walking in defeat and despair and darkness because they will not “believe our report”…  They simply think it’s “too good to be true…”

So Believe our report…

  • Our sins are forgiven.
  • We have strength and power to live right.
  • We are delivered out of satan’s dominion.
  • We are seated with Christ “in the heavenlies.”
  • We have the Nature of God our Father.
  • We have authority to use His Name.
  • We are in possession of Eternal Life.

But it is good and it is true!


July 28, 2018

Word for Today:  July 28

Only Believe.

If you are not facing impossibilities, you are, in fact, displeasing God.  The Word declares that without “faith it is impossible to please God” and if you are not facing impossibilities, then you have no opportunity to activate and release your faith. Impossibilities are where you will meet God.  At the extremity of humanity, man meets deity.  If we never attempt the impossible, we are no better than natural man.

Just consider what natural man has accomplished by his own efforts.  For example:

Electric power, Air Travel, Space exploration, Instant worldwide communication, Computer ingenuity, Medical marvels, Robotics, Satellite Technology, and thousands of other innovative and creative inventions.

Man, in effect, has done this without the help of the “supernatural” intervention of God.  Man’s own innovative and creative genius has risen to the challenge of the impossible and we are all the better off for it…  If man can do this in the natural… what more should we Spirit-Filled, Bible-Believing, God-Loving, Word-Centered individuals do as we face the challenge of the Impossible?

What are your “impossibilities”?

  • Some are saying: “I’ll never be able to live the Christian life… it’s just no use… it’s impossible.”
  • Others are thinking: “This Holy Ghost Business is too far out for me… I’ll never be able to understand it… it’s just impossible.”
  • You may be declaring: “My home will never be right… there is just too much difference between us… It will never work out… it’s just impossible.”
  • Some today are thinking: “I’ll never be able to have anything. I do not have the knowledge or background.  I’ve failed at most everything I’ve tried to do.  I think I will just quit… It’s just impossible.”
  • You may be saying: “I’ll never be healed… I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed. I guess healing is not for me.  I really wish it was.  Others may get healed, but for me, it’s just impossible.”
  • Some will think: “I’ve made too many mistakes already. God has given me many chances and I blew them all.  I am just a failure.  I have a bad record.  Nobody will ever give me a chance.  It’s just impossible.”

Guess where this kind of thinking comes from?

IF you will Only Believe….

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.  Mr 9:23


July 27, 2018

Word for Today:  July 27



The challenge of the impossible is fuel for the Spirit-Filled Believer.  It is the place where we become personally acquainted with God and His Grace and His ability to supply every need.  It is a proving ground…. a proving ground for the Word, for our Faith and for the Integrity of God.

God speaks in the Book of Malachi and commands us to prove Him.

prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.   Mal. 3:10-11

God is literally saying “I dare you.  I ‘double-dog’ dare you.  I dare you to try what I am saying and PROVE me.  Prove that My Word transcends every impossibility.  Prove that I will actually and factually do what I say that I will do.  Prove that My Word works.  Anytime. Every time.  All the time.  Prove that My Power will prevail.  Prove that with Me nothing shall be impossible for you.”

The challenge for us this day is to PROVE GOD… To believe God.  To act on what He promises.  To reveal to the world how Great He is.  To break away from our timidity, our insecurity and false humility… to break out of our box and soar to new heights in our Spiritual Walk.

What are you waiting for?


July 26, 2018

Word for Today:  July 26




What you do with Seed determines what Seed will do for you.  Seed is created for one purpose.   It is created for planting and producing.  God created Seed to grow and produce fruit.  Seed is created to do something.  You can sort it, study it, save it or plant it.  But only planted seed will produce.  Production is the point.  Abundant harvest is the goal.  Every Seed is created to produce more seed.  “Any idiot can count the seeds in an apple but only God can count the apples in a seed…”  Seed produces abundance.

In the Bible, God makes some comparisons.  He compares the Kingdom of Heaven to seed.  He compares Faith to seed.  He compares the Word to seed.  He compares the Children of the Kingdom to Seed.  God obviously likes Seed.  He wants us to learn the lesson of the seed.

There are many kinds of seeds.  There are Good seeds and Bad seeds.  Some seeds produce life others can produce death, sickness and pain.  In the principle of planting seed… remember that like produces like.  “What you sow is what you grow…”   What you grow is what you get.  What you get produces Life or death.  What you sow will produce success or failure.


Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap…    Gal 6:7


July 25, 2018

Word for Today:  July 25


The source of all conflicts.

The Believer is constantly bombarded by conflicts and difficulties.   satan buffets and tries and tests and tempts.  “Many are the afflictions of the righteous…” and we can all say “amen” to that.  We must remember, however, that the “Lord delivereth them (us) out of them all…”  (Psa 34:19).  The Life of Faith is filled with confrontations and conflicts.

Remember, conflicts will control you or YOU will control conflicts.   It is up to you and what you do.  Your spiritual (and natural) success depends on what you know and what you do with what you know.   Some have grown “weary” in well doing.  Some have “run out of gas” spiritually.  Others have retreated from their faith stand and gone back into religion, tradition, doubt and reasoning.

Understand that satan wants to stop you before you go “too far.”   he wants to keep you from getting where God wants you to be.  he will set traps, and build obstacles and release devices and fiery darts to hinder your spiritual growth and development.  he wants you to ease up, let up, and finally give up.  he will move you into doubt and negativism if possible.  he wants to make you an embarrassment to the Church and the Kingdom of God.  he wants you sick and weak.  he wants you stressed and full of worry.  he will turn up the heat and tighten the screws to keep you frustrated and maxed out.  Frankly, he wants you dead and out of his way.

Conflicts come from hell.  God is not the author of conflicts or the Creator of circumstances .  God is a Helper and not a hinderer.  God is a Multiplier and not a subtractor.  God is a Good God and He does Good things.  Obstacles, conflicts, tests, trials, temptations come from the devil.

God is Good.  God does good things. The devil is bad.  The devil does bad things.  God does not do bad things.  The devil does not do good things.


Theology 101


July 24, 2018

Word for Today:  July 24

Things can be better.

Many feel “resigned” to certain situations that seem to be changeless.  Things that appear to be set in concrete.  Things that have been going on for a long time.  Things that cause despair, discouragement and disappointment.  This prison of things that seem unchangeable cause many to faint.  To falter.  To lose the joy of living.  To become resigned to failure and frustration.

Do you understand that it is the devil who LIES to you about things that cannot be changed?  God wants to bring you into a New Place.  He wants to reveal some Newness into your life.  He wants you to move up to a higher level of living.  He has provided a Way for you to escape.  To emerge from the doldrums of a boring, mediocre, disappointing life to a life of adventure and excitement and anticipation.

It is not the will of God for you to grow Old in your heart and Resigned in your mind.  His Will is for you to continually and constantly live a fulfilled and productive life. He wants you to stay young in your mind.  He wants you to think young.  And vigorous.  He wants you to be creative and innovative.  Is this what you want?

One of the biggest lies ever to come out of hell is the lie that things will always have to stay the way they are.  They can be better.

Things change when we change them.  Things change when we come into the revelation of Who we are in Christ and what God has already done for us.  The devil builds walls to confine us.  To restrain us.  To hold us back.  The fundamental principle of our Salvation and our Position in Christ is that we have been set free.  Not “going to be” but “already have been.”

We are at this very moment in possession of Resurrection Life.  God has DONE all this is necessary or that will ever be necessary for us to reign in life (Rom 5:17).    Not struggle.  Not strive.  Not suffer through.  Not tolerate.  Not stay stuck.  But to Live in Resurrection Life…. NOW.  TODAY.


Change happens when we make it happen


July 23, 2018

Word for Today:  July 23




There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Be strong and of a good courage:  Joshua 1:5-6

No enemy can stand in your way.  No need to fear and be timid.  No reason to be anxious.  God says that no man (no demon, no devil, no situation, no circumstance, etc.) can stand before you (if they cannot stand before you, they must submit to your authority and the power of your words), all the days of your life.

How long?  All the days of your life!  When you are young and when you are old.  When you are strong and when you are weak.  When you feel bad and when you feel good.  When everybody is against you and nobody is for you.  When you have nothing.  When you are stressed.  When you are tired.  When you are discouraged.  When you are facing a dead-line.  When there is no way out.

Nothing and nobody can stand in your way when you are in pursuit of God and God’s will for your life.  When you choose to live and refuse to die.  When you choose Truth and refuse the Lie…  You join with God and connect with the supernatural.   NOTHING can stand before you.


You are unstoppable


July 22, 2018

Word for Today:  July 22


Be strong and of a good courage…  Joshua 1:6

Be strong and courageous.  Being strong is a decision you make.  You do not “get strong” you “be strong.”  Being strong is a decision.  You decide to be weak.  You decide how you are going to be in your life.  It is really up to you.  You do not wait to get strong…. You “be strong!”  It is a specific choice you make.

God is saying to us:  Be Strong.  Don’t be weak.    Be strong in faith.  Strong in the stand you take.  Strong in the Word.  Strong in your calling.  Paul commands us to “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”  You can be strong or you can be weak.  Strong is better!

Strong wards of hell.  Strong defeats the devil.  Strong believes the Truth.  Strong refuses the Lie.  Strong never fails.  Strong never fears.  Strong resists.  Strong STANDS.

Courageous is Alert, Steadfast, Established, Prevailing, Obstinate… It is to be “on foot” and alert.  It means to be awake and not asleep.  It means to be locked and loaded.  It means to be ready.

Do you have the courage to do something about your situation?  Do you have the courage to challenge hell over your family?  Your marriage?  Your finances?  Your health?  How much courage do you have?  God commands us to BE COURAGEOUS.  Courage is the opposite of fear.  It is boldness and assertiveness.  It is refusing to stand still and watch the devil devour your possessions.  It means to launch an attack.  It means to be aggressive.  It means to be offensive.  It means to run into the battle!       Just as David ran toward his giant…

Don’t look at the size of the enemy.  Look at the size of the prize.   Phil 4:13

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