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August 23, 2019

Word for Today:  August 23


It’s up to you.

You are Born Again to release God’s power into the earth.  It is up to you and up to me.  It is up to the church.  The Power of God will not prevail in the earth until and unless we release it.  And it will not happen unless we make it happen.   It will not come out of the Church until it comes out of you.   All of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.

For the earnest expectation of the creature (creation) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Rom. 8:19

Nothing is too hard for God and God lives in you.   The Bible says that with God all things are possible.  Paul wrote that:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… 

The Word declares that if “You can believe (have the God-kind of faith) all things are possible to him that believeth…”  Mark 9.

When we got saved, God made a Divine Deposit in us.  Our body became the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  We are no longer our own because we were bought with a price…  We are to glorify God with our bodies.  We are Born Again to release the Power of God into the earth.

God is calling us to be channels of His Power.  We are the only restraining force holding back all the relentless powers of darkness that are poised to overthrow every kingdom and nation.

Why is it that atrocities such as those that are widespread in other parts of the world are not happening here in America?  Because we are called to be the nation from which God will demonstrate His power on earth.

God has sovereignly raised up this nation to release His Power into the Human Race.  And

It starts with you and with me


August 22, 2019

Word for Today:  August 22


He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. John 7:38

We should come together at ministry time with the Stream Flowing.   Most come to Church to get filled.  They are already dry and empty.  They have been drained by the demands of the unbelieving world and the constant constraints of the enemy.  They come in need.

This is not bad, but it is not the Best.  To come filled up is better.  Filled up and running over.  Can you imagine what kind of a service we would have if everybody came filled up and running over?  No need to get “worked up.”  No need to get “pumped up.”  Coming in as a Mighty Stream.  A Rushing River.  Men and women and young people and children with Rivers of Living water gushing out of their inner beings.  What a gathering!

The Stream is the Anointing.  The Anointing is the continual pouring forth of the Holy Ghost.   It is the One Thing Needed most.  In the Church.  In the Pulpit.  In the Choir loft.  In the Musician.   In the Body of Christ.

I must tell you, the Anointing in my life is essential.  Without the anointing, I have nothing, I can do nothing, I am nothing and I have no desire to live.  The Anointing… the Stream of Living Water… is the most important thing in my Life.  It is Jesus flowing out of me in Power and Compassion.

My prayer is that I might see with the Eyes of God.  Feel with the Heart of Jesus.   Minister with the Mind of Christ.  Flow with the Power of the Holy Ghost.

Without this, I am nothing.  The ministry is nothing.  And I will accomplish nothing.


Neither will you


August 21, 2019

Word for Today:  August 21

Emotions, feelings or the Word

Religion has taught us that we can experience the power of God only occasionally.  We have been taught that sometimes God just lets bit a little of heaven come down and bless us.  We have prayed and stayed and fasted and repented and preached and prophesied in order to get the power to come down… the fire to fall… revival to happen.

We have been led to believe that every once in a while God will give us a little dab of glory just to keep us going.  We have been taught that the Christian experience is a series of peaks and valleys… ups and downs… drought and abundance…. times when we are hot and times when we are cold.

Where did this come from?  It came from our emotions and our feelings.  It came from our soulish man.  It is not the way it is in the Spirit!

God is the same.  Jesus is the same.  The Holy Ghost is the same.  The Word is the same.  His Eternal Purpose is the same.  When we walk in agreement with His Purpose, we are the same!  There is no “variableness” in Him or in us when we fulfill our part in His plan.

The Word is stronger than our emotions….


August 20, 2019

Word for Today:  August 20

An Unfailing Anchor.

God’s Word is an Anchor that holds (Heb 6:19).   It is as reliable as God is.  It is as strong as God is.  It is as enduring as God is.  It is as changeless as God is.

The Word proved to be an unfailing Anchor in the lives and experiences of many of the Heroes we read about in the Bible.  It held steady in times of trials and impossibilities.  It gave them security in the times of storms and conflicts.  The Word was an anchor in them that held them secure in the Hand of God.

  • The Word in Moses produced Israel’s deliverance from Egypt.
  • The Word in Joshua drove out the enemy and produced victory in the Promised Land.
  • The Word in David gave him strength in the time of temptation and victory in the time of attack. The result was and is the matchless beauty of Worship and Praise in the Book of Psalms.
  • The Word in Elijah produced water in the season of drought.
  • The Word in Joseph sustained him in prison, delivered him from lies and brought him great favor and promotion as the Prime Minister of Egypt.
  • The Word in Job kept him faithful to God in his loss of everything he loved and treasured.
  • The Word in Elisha raised the Shunammite’s son from the dead, caused the axe head to swim and cleansed numerous lepers.
  • The Word in Daniel stopped the mouths of hungry lions.
  • The Word in Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, cooled the fiery furnace and brought the Son of God from heaven to comfort them.
  • The Word in John the Baptist caused him to launch Jesus into His public ministry.
  • The Word in Paul saw him through ship wrecks, stonings, scourgings, imprisonments, rejections and betrayals and produced most of the New Testament.
  • The Word in John gave him a glimpse of the Rapture, the Return of Jesus and the Eternal Perfect State of those who are washed in the Blood.

The Word held them steady in the face of every impossibility.

It is our Anchor.

It never fails


August 19, 2019

Word for Today:  August 19

Be a healer

I’m not talking about laying hands on the sick.  I’m talking about healing relationships.  Healing divisions.  Healing differences.    Building bridges and not walls.  Taking down fences and opening gates.

Our past religious traditions have built too many walls.  We are called and purposed to tear them down and build bridges in their place.

According to the Word, believers are living stones.  We are to be collectively built up into a Spiritual House (not houses, plural) but a House (singular).

Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house…   1Pe 2:5

In the past we have been divided, and put separate piles…. Different piles.  Diverse piles. Cultural piles.  Racial piles.  Economic piles.  And “church” piles.  God wants us to be One Pile not many piles.

  • We have had Baptist piles
  • Methodist piles
  • Catholic piles
  • Presbyterian piles
  • Pentecostal piles
  • Episcopalian piles
  • White piles
  • Black piles
  • Hispanic piles
  • Asian piles
  • Nationality piles
  • Rich piles
  • Poor piles
  • Educated piles
  • Uneducated piles

God is calling us to One Pile so that He can build a Spiritual House… and that is what happens when we make a determined effort to heal broken and bruised relationships.

Be a healer today


August 18, 2019

Word for Today:  August 17

The Word demands a response.

You will respond one way or another.  You cannot ignore and remain unresponsive to the Word.  Each of you will respond.  And you will respond in one of only four ways.

Christianity hates neutrality just as atmosphere hates a vacuum.  You can measure your response to the Word and determine your future.  Your future is absolutely predictable by the way you respond to the Word of God.  There are no “unknowns” in the life of a believer.

Your response to the Word will determine what happens to you today as well as in the future… Therefore, it is extremely important that you respond in the right way.

Paul commands us to “Work out our own Salvation with fear and trembling…”  (Phil 2:12).  He knew the extreme importance of a correct response to the Word.  The Word is in us.  We are to “work out” what God has “worked in.”  There is Life in the Word.  There is Power in the Word. There is Light in the Word.    There is deliverance in the Word.   There is Healing in the Word.   There is Strength in the Word.  There is Peace in the Word.  There is Salvation in the Word.   These elements are to be “worked out” through our response to the Word.

First, you need to understand that the Word is a Seed.

There is Life in the Seed.  There is potential in the Seed.  There is power in the seed.  There is an image in the seed.  The seed is the secret.  The seed is the source.  The Bible declares that the Word of God is the “incorruptible Seed…”  (I Peter 1:23)  “Incorruptible” means “undecaying” in essence or continuance.  Simply, it means “immortal” and “eternal”

Second, you need to understand that the Seed must be planted.  It must be sown and it must be sown in the right kind of soil.

Third, Seed must have Ground in order to grow.

Without ground, seed is no good.  The seed must have a response from the ground if it is to produce fruit.  There are cases of seeds remaining dormant and useless for hundreds of years because there was no ground for it to be sown in.  When the ground makes a proper response to the Seed, Growth develops and in due season, fruit is produced.    A correct response to the Word will make us fruitful and productive.  A wrong response to the Word will cause us not to bear fruit. (See John 15)

Fourth, YOU are the ground.  Your heart-ground will determine if the seed will germinate and grow.  Your heart-ground will determine what the seed will produce.   Your heart-ground will determine the measure of your spiritual harvest of success.

You set your own boundaries and fix your own limits.

What you grow is what you sow.

What you reap is what you plant.


August 16, 2019

Word for Today:  August 16

What Faith is.

Faith is believing.  Faith is believing God.  Faith is believing God’s Word.  Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith is the opposite of doubt.  Faith is the opposite of unbelief.  Faith is a gift from God to you and me.  Every believer has faith.  Every believer has the measure of faith (Rom 12:3).  How much is the measure of faith?  It is enough.  It is enough faith to do what God says do.  It is enough faith to have what God says we can have.  It is enough faith to be who God says we can be.

Faith is connected with God.  Faith is connecting with God.  Faith is an attribute of God that every believer receives when he is Born Again.

Faith is connected with the Word.  Faith is connecting with the Word. Faith activates the Word.   Faith brings the promises of God into the realm of the now.  Faith is connected with the Church.  When the church gathered to pray for Peter who was in jail, an angel came and opened the prison doors and let him out.  They prayed in faith.  They broke the barrier of the natural and stepped into the realm of the supernatural.

We do not come into faith on our own righteousness.  God honors faith on the basis of the righteousness of Jesus Christ which has been imputed into every Believer.  Our faith is not based on the works that we have done or our performance in the past.

We do not come into faith with legalistic theology.  Our faith is a finished work.  Jesus is the Author and the FINISHER of our faith (Heb 12:2).   God does not do things for us because we are nice, sweet, obedient or spiritual… He works in our behalf on the basis of the Blood of Jesus… AND NOTHING ELSE.

Faith accepts the Goodness and the Grace of God.  We must believe that “He is and that He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him…”   God can do anything.

  • He is not the Author of bad things. He is the Creator of good things.
  • He is merciful.
  • He is kind.
  • He is patient.
  • He is compassionate.
  • He is a Giver and not a taker.
  • He is a Multiplier and not a divider.
  • He is a Promoter and not a demoter.
  • He is adds and does not subtract.
  • He is forgiving.
  • He is understanding.
  • He is longsuffering.
  • He is kind and He is gentle.

God is Good.  God is Love.

God is for you

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