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Choosing and Refusing

April 1, 2012

  • Whatever may be wrong with you, your family, your finances, your marriage, your business, your life, can be remedied… permanently fixed TODAY….
  • Whatever illness or disease or emotional depression may be plaguing you can be healed and removed NOW and permanent deliverance can be yours TODAY….
  • Whatever defeat you may have suffered in any area of your life can be reversed and turned into Victory TODAY….
  • God has given the Body of Christ Powerful KEYS that will produce total victory in the believer’s life when they are applied and adhered to….

Matthew 16:19  And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Key Number One:  Proper Data Processing

John 8:32   And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Eph. 4:25   Wherefore putting away lying, (the lie) speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.

There are two primary sources from which we receive data or information.   One is Truth and the other is “the lie”.   The TRUTH is the Word and the Lie is the World.  Operating in TRUTH results in LIFE.  Operating in “the lie” results in DEATH.  Paul writes in Romans chapter 8 verse 6…

“To be carnally (world) minded is death but to be spiritually (Word) minded is life (zoe) and peace” (security, safety and prosperity).

What we do with what we know determines whether we live or whether we die.  How we “process” the information that enters our mind (computer) determines what happens to us.   We all have a Processor to process incoming data.  It is our mind.  The mind is the data processor.  Just like a computer.   How we process the data and what we do with the data that comes into our mind determines whether we live in victory or go down in defeat.  It is necessary that we upgrade (renew) our processor.  The Bible calls this “renewing the mind.”  There are two operating systems in effect today.  One is the Word and the other is the World.  One is the Truth and the other is the Lie.

The ONLY advantage satan ever has over a believer is the be­liever’s ignorance of and unbelief of the Word.  Remember:  Whatever may be wrong with you, your family, your finances, your marriage, your business, your life, can be remedied… permanently fixed and made complete through your knowledge of the Truth and your obedience to the Truth. 

TRUTH is absolute.  Truth is the Standard.  Truth is Changeless.  Truth is what and Who Jesus is.  Truth is the Way.  Truth is Life.  Truth is our access to the Father.  And Jesus is the Truth.

Jesus said to Know the Truth is to be Free.  Listen:

John 8:31   Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

(1)  Jesus is speaking to those “Who believed on Him…”

(2)  Jesus puts forth the following condition.  “IF.”  It is up to us.

(3)  Jesus speaks of Abiding.  “Continuing” in His Word.

(4)  Jesus indicates that to continue to abide in His Word will result in becoming a “Disciple indeed.”  A True Disciple.   A “learner” of Jesus.  We will Learn of Him and about Him.  We will become intimately acquainted with Him.  We will Know Him.

John 8:32   And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


Key Number Two:  Choosing the Truth and Refusing the Lie

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE LIFE  (Jesus: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”)  that both thou and thy seed may LIVE….”  Deut 30:19

  • Have you wondered why things are the way they are in your life?
  • Have you wondered why some seem to be blessed abundantly and others constantly seem to have a struggle in life?
  • Have you questioned God about your situa­tion?
  • Did you get discouraged when you seem to get no answer from heaven?
  • Do you understand that God is not responsible for your condi­tion?
  • Do you know that God is really for you and not against you?
  • Are you ready to believe that He has provisions for you that are yet un­tapped?
  • Do you know that God has an answer for you TODAY?

If you are disturbed and troubled about your present situation or the situation of your family, God has an answer for you.  It is not as hopeless as you think and YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT  IT.

I am continually amazed at how fickle and shallow and unstable some Christians can be.  And are.  Knowing the Truth, they ignore it.  Knowing the Truth, they choose something less.  Knowing the Truth, they refuse to obey it.  Knowing the Truth, they simply do not DO IT.

In their Mind.  They had rather stuff a bunch of trash in their brains than to fill it with the Word of God… with the Truth.  Like hogs, they prefer slop over sirloin steaks.  The stink is better than the per­fume of God’s sweet presence.  They are prefer looking for juicy tidbits that temporarily gratify the flesh and the unregenerated emotions over seeking life-giving, life-sustaining, sin-overcoming Power in the Word of God.

            In their Mouth.  “Say what?”  What are you saying?  What are you continually speaking?  What kind of words come out of your mouth?  What and which power is being released by your tongue?  Is it set on Fire of God or is it set on fire of hell?  Does it build up?  Encourage?  Edify?  Speak good regarding others?  Does it say the Truth?  Or does it speak doubt, unbelief, sadness, sickness, defeat, hope­lessness?  What is in your Mouth?  Life (truth) or Death (the lie)?

In their Body.  What shape is your flesh in?  (And I do not mean size, weight or physical proportion.)  I mean is your flesh under your control?  Is it out of your control?  Is it crucified?  Is it dead to the world?  To sin?  Did you ever read that passage in the Bible that com­mands us to “come out from among them and be separate?”

2Cor. 6:17   Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch  (do not fasten yourself to) not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,

Could it be that touching the unclean thing has separated you from the Truth?  Maybe mixing and mingling with the unclean has made you the Prisoner of the Lie.  Could it be the Hog-Pen syndrome?  Leaving the pure, the clean, the honest, the upright, the safe and the secure for the slop, the mud, the mess, the grime of the unclean?  Is this you?  Do you miss Father?  Do you miss Father’s house?  Do you miss Father’s blessing and approval?  Do you miss Father’s provision?

Sin, sickness, poverty, want, unhappiness, defeat, failure, di­vorce, perversion, addiction, worry,  fear, anxiety are all foreign ele­ments in the Will of God.  They are the works of and the products of the Lie and must be eliminated before God’s Plan can be fully realized.  They are not and cannot be a part of the will of God for His Creation.  They are the works of the devil and the fruit of the Lie and are the enemies of God and all creation.  As long as Christians treat these curses as friends and blessings in disguise and as the “will of God” they will be failing God and cooperating with the devil and the Lie.  And this cooperation or partnership with the devil will result in death and destruction.

This is “falling short of the glory of God.”

Rom. 3:23   For all have sinned, and come short (hustereo: fail to become a partaker; to suffer want, to lack, to fail, to fall short of the end…) of the glory of God;


Anytime we are deceived into believing the Lie or any part of it, we au­tomatically come short of the Glory of God.  The Glory of God is the Full and Complete Manifestation of the Truth.  When we fail to obey any part of the Truth, we come short of the Glory of God.  When we come short of the Glory of God we fall into the consequences of the Lie.  The power of the Lie is activated and the result is always death and defeat.

Refusing or Resisting the Truth forms a Partnership with the Lie.  Partnership with the Lie is being in agreement with the devil.  Failure to resist the lie places one in partnership with the lie.  Silence in the face of the lie puts one in partnership with the lie.  Partnership with the Lie produces separation from the Glory of God.  The Glory of God and the Lie are incompatible.  You cannot have a little of both… it is an Either / Or situation.  You are either in partnership with the Lie or in partnership with the Truth.  Jesus said if we are not with Him we are against Him.  If we do not gather with Him, we are guilty of scatter­ing abroad.

Matt. 12:30   He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

Refusing or Resisting the Lie forms a Partnership with the Truth.  Partnership with the Truth is being in Agreement with God.  Being in Agreement with God keeps you in the Power of His Glory.  Agreement with God… obeying the Truth results in abundant Life.  This is where we must live in this hour.  Courageous.  Brave.  Full of Faith.  Fulfilled.  Anointed with God’s Power.  Overcoming the world.  Enjoying Victory over the flesh.  Moving in peace, rest, joy, happiness, satisfaction, prospering in all things, living in continual health, totally delivered from every demonic force and temptation.

The Truth can and will Change things.  It will change what you have not been able to change and do what you have not been able to do.

  • It will Bring God into your life.
  • It will bring God’s Power into your life.
  • It will bring victory into your life.
  • It will bring success into your life.
  • It will produce the Kingdom of God in you and around you.
  • It will release the Will of God into the earth.

If you Know the Truth… If  you Do the Truth.  If you are in Partnership with the Truth.

There is a strong possibility that many Believers are unknow­ingly and unwillingly giving glory to the devil by cooperating with the Lie.  Anytime we fail to obey the Truth we give glory to the devil.  Anytime we deviate from the Word of God, we give glory to the devil.  Anytime we compromise our total confidence in and trust in and re­liance upon the Word of God, we give glory to the devil.  Anytime we accept anything less than what the Word of God promises, we give glory to the devil.

(1) Our Unbelief gives glory to the devil.   Any acceptance of a “half truth” or partial truth puts us in agreement with the devil.  Agreeing with the doctrines of men and the unscriptural traditions of religion is unbelief.  “Going along with” any teaching or doctrine that is not in Full and Total Agreement with the Word of God is unbelief.  Just because it sounds good, feels good, pro­duces comfort, eases the mind does not necessarily mean that it is the Truth.  When we fall into doubt, when we question God or God’s Word, when we give in to reason, when we listen to our emotions in­stead of God… this is unbelief.  This negates the Truth and prevents the Mighty Works of God from happening in us and to us.  And it glorifies the devil.

(2) Our Fear gives glory to the devil.  Fear of getting sick.  Fear of getting some incurable disease.  Fear of having a heart attack.  Fear of cancer, stroke,  Parkinson’s.  Fear of a nervous breakdown.  Fear of dying.  Fear of accidents.  Fear of losing our job.  Fear of bankruptcy.  Fear of going broke.  Fear of losing a husband or a wife or a son or a daughter.  Fear of being disgraced.  Fear of losing our reputation.  Fear of losing our friends.  Fear of being rendered helpless or becoming handicapped.  Fear of the devil or demons.  Fear of people, crowds, darkness, heights, flying, driving, biking, walking, weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, floods, earthquakes, lightning, water… any and all fear gives glory to the devil.

(3) Yielding to Temptation gives glory to the devil.  Being tempted is not sin, but giving in to temptation is.  And this gives glory to the devil.  You can say no.  You can resist.  You can put your foot down.  You can quit.  You can stop.  You can stay clean.  You can be delivered.   The Truth de­clares that sin has no control over you and satan has no dominion over you. 

(4) Being satisfied to stay sick gives glory to the devil.  The Word plainly teaches that no child of God has to be sick or stay sick.  It is the unquestionable right of every believer to have perfect health and free­dom  from the ungodly works of the devil.

The responsibility of getting healed and remaining healed is up to the individual believer.  If God has provided Healing through the Blood of Jesus, then it is the right and the duty of every believer to get and keep the benefits for which He suffered and died.  To do anything less is to give glory to the devil.

            (5) Staying where you are when God calls you to a Higher Place gives glory to the devil.

            Being content to drift.

Being satisfied to stay lost or backslidden or disobedient gives glory to the devil.

Living by the lie gives glory to the devil.

Resisting the Truth gives glory to the devil.

Knowing to do good and refusing to do it gives glory to the devil.

Living in unforgiveness and resentment and hatred gives glory to the devil.

Allowing your testimony to be corrupted gives glory to the devil.    Neglecting to stand for what is right gives glory to the devil.  Refusing to repair relationships and mend hurt and hard feel­ings gives glory to the devil.

Living a lie in your marriage and breaking the solemn vows made before God and man gives glory to the devil.

Remaining where you are today without doing what God tells you to do gives glory to the devil.

If It’s Not the Truth, It’s A Lie

            It’s a lie that you are a victim of circumstances.

It’s a lie that you are helpless and can do nothing about your situation.  (There is no such thing as “I can’t help it.”)

 It’s a lie that you are locked into impossibilities and hopeless conditions.

It’s a lie that “things will never change.”

It’s a lie that you must be miserable, sad, depressed and defeated most of your life.

It’s a lie that you must stay sick.

            It’s a lie that you must continually live in lack and need.

It’s a lie that your family cannot be saved and delivered and that they will never love and serve God.

It’s a lie that you can never change.

It’s a lie that your marriage is beyond repair.

It’s a lie that you will never have a good job, and that you will never make a decent living.

It’s a lie that you will never be out of debt. (Unless you disobey the Word regarding your money, your giving and your spending.)

It’s a lie that you must always live under a curse.

It’s a lie that you will never get better, feel better, become stronger, stop worrying, overcome fear, or be a success.

It’s a lie that you can’t.

It’s a lie that it’s impossible.

It’s a lie that you are weak.

It’s a lie that you are a loser.

It’s a lie that Prayer does not work.

It’s a lie that it (whatever “it” is) is too late.

It’s a lie that things are going to get better in the world.

It’s a lie that God does not care.

It’s a lie that miracles never happen anymore.

It’s a lie that God does not speak today.

It’s a lie that the government and welfare will be your unfailing refuge and help.

It’s a lie that sin will go forgotten and unpunished if there is no repentance.

It’s a lie that we will never see a mighty move of God in the earth again.

John 8:32   And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

When You Feel Like Quitting

March 22, 2012

  • Are you weary and worn out?
  • Do you feel like giving up?
  • Why is it so hard to keep going?
  • Will you cop out or cope?

Read and discover some 0f the reasons you feel like giving up and what you can do TODAY to persevere…

There will be times in your Christian Life that you will feel like quitting.  You will get tired and weary and impatient.  You will begin to wonder if it is really worth it all.  Discouragement will move in and satan will begin to make you tempting offers and alternatives.  The Faith Walk is not an easy walk.  The way into Life is Narrow and Straight and only a few will find it according to Jesus.  Sometimes, the way out seems to be just to quit.  To forget it.  To retreat.  To back down.  It is always easier to cop out than to cope.  The greatest temptation any Believer faces is the temptation to quit. The grass may look greener on the other side of the fence.  The pressures and stresses of maintaining your Victory Stand may build to the point of breaking.  Situations and circumstances may develop that will press you beyond measure and push you “over the edge”.  How are believers to handle such sutuations?  What are we to do when wefeel like quitting?  Where can we go to get some “relief?”  Is there a way out when we are at the breaking point?  What are our alternatives

1. You can Quit.  This is not hard to do and it is always a temptation especially when things really get tough.  It is the easiest and offers the least resistance.  Anybody can quit.  You can quit.  We can quit.  Many have and others will.  What about you?  Has satan “got your number?”  What will it take to make you quit?  How much more “can you stand?”  Is quitting a real temptation for you this morning?  Some who are listening are right at the “giving up” and “quiting” stage.

2. You can compromise.   satan may be saying to you “if you will back off, I will back off!”  “If you will ease up, i will ease up…”  You can back down and ease up and let off.  You can stop and get stuck where you are.  You can retreat and give up ground that you have fought for and won.  Compromise is an alternative.  You can slip back and fall back and go back.

3.  You can feel sorry for yourself and give in to self-pity.  You can compare yourself with others and get mad at God.  You can begin to wonder about the wicked being blessed and you can get jealous and pout.  You can play on the sympathy of others and complain and grumble.

4.  OR… you can turn your problems into Opportunities to trust God!  You can make your “situations” a test track for the Word of God.  You can stand and sing and shout and refuse to accept defeat.  You can endure and count it all joy when you come into temptations and trials.  You can see every impossible situation as an opportunity to defeat the devil.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO QUIT!!!

Ok… so you have decided not to quit.  You have decided not to compromise.  You have decided not to feel sorry for yourself.  You have decided to turn your problems into Opportunities to trust God… NOW:  HOW do you do it?

            FIRST…. Understand that you are not the only Believer facing a tough situation.  There are literally thousands of other saints who have not bowed their knee to Baal in the thick of the battle!  The very fact that you are tempted to Quit is a good sign…  If nothing is happening to you then you are doing nothing for the Kingdom!!  “Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but the Lord delivereth them out of them all!!…”  “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man… but God is faithful who will not suffer (allow) you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that ye may be able to bear it…”

            SECOND... never expect your Faith Walk to be easy.  You have not chosen an easy way of life!  To live by the Word is the most disciplined life a man or woman can know.  All the forces of darkness are set in array against you… demon powers have zeroed in on you because you have become a threat to them…. REJOICE and be EXCEEDINGLY GLAD!!

            THIRD... Review your Contract with God.  If you will, you will see that there is no provision for quitting in it!!  When you got saved, you made a Life Committment to God with no strings attached.  There were no “what ifs” or “just in cases” or other conditional clauses in the Contract.  God did His part.  Jesus did His part.  The Holy Ghost did His part.  The Salvation Contract calls for you to do your part.  You are  (more…)

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