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Our World in the “End of Days”

September 29, 2021

 A Prophetic Perspective of Present Day, End Time, Global Events

Mt 24:3  And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? (aion: age)

Three Questions:

                1. When shall these things be?

                2. What shall be the sign of thy coming?

                3. What shall be the sign of the end of the world?  (age)   

Mt 24:33  So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that IT is near, even at the doors.

Mt 24:34  Verily I say unto you, This generation (the generation living on earth when these events are taking place) shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

According to the Word of God:   World Events happening at the end of this age that will precede the Second Coming of Christ.   (Matthew Chapter 24 and other Scriptures)

                    Widespread Deception 

                    Rise of False Christs

                    Wars and Rumors of Wars

                    Famines (food shortage)

                    Pestilences (pandemics)

                    Earthquakes (convulsing nature)

                    Anti-Semitism (Israel-Hating)

                    Offenses (scandals)


                    Hatred (racism, and disdain for others)

                    False  Prophets


                    Decreasing Love

                    Global Spread of the Gospel (present day internet technology)

                     New Jewish Nation

                     New Jewish Temple

                    Perilous times


                    Increased satanic activity

                    Sexual Perversion

                    Procrastination and Lethargy

                    Hearts failing because of fear

In other words…  Prevailing Perilous Times  (2 Timothy 3:1)


Are You Ready?


September 29, 2021

Word for Today: September 29


The more active you get and the more vocal you become for God, the greater the conflict.  As long as you are satisfied being “average” and “normal” and “sensible” and “reasonable” there will be little or no opposition.  When you get determined, so does the devil.  The fact that you and I are threats… serious threats… to hell and hell’s mission, makes us the focus of satanic activity.  However, the

Weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds… 2Cor 10:4

God has equipped us for victory.  Our weapons are not natural, man-made or physical.  They are Supernatural and never-failing.  When we operate in the offensive, our Spiritual Weapons will tear down and destroy every fortress and stronghold the enemy has placed in our lives.

Every attack of the devil is a challenge to the God in us… he is fighting the God in you (therefore he is fighting a losing battle).  The battle you fight is not yours.  It is God’s.  The devil hates Him and when he sees God in us, he is foolish and dumb enough to come against Him.  Remember David?

This is the reason the devil hates you… you are where God is.  When he see you he sees God.  He hates God and defies God.  David realized this in his confrontation with Goliath.  He declared:  “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”  Notice, he did not say that Goliath was defying the armies of Saul or the armies of Israel… but instead, the armies of the living God.   Now, Who is the Champion?  Who is the Stronger One?  Who is the Victorious One?

It is God Who lives in you.

If He wins, you win.

If He can’t lose, you can’t lose.

If He overcomes, you overcome.

He has made you a Champion


September 28, 2021

Word for today:  September 28

Problem areas.

I have discovered that there are three main problem areas in the lives of Believers.  These problem areas, if left alone and not controlled, will prevent any Christian from living and walking in victory.

The problem areas are:

  • The Flesh… which needs to be crucified and kept crucified.
  • The Mind… which needs to be renewed and kept renewed.
  • The Mouth… which needs to be controlled all the time.

The flesh is constantly warring against the spirit.  I do not need to tell you this.  You experience it every day.  It rebels against the spirit.   It is at odds with God.  It hates the Word.  It resists the Holy Ghost.  It likes to run loose.  It demands attention.  Uncontrolled, it causes misery, guilt, condemnation, and failure.

The Bible tells us how to have victory over the flesh.

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Gal. 5:16

The way to overcome flesh is to walk in the Spirit.  It is our flesh that is constantly giving us trouble.  It is our flesh that causes us the most grief.  Flesh is not sinful in itself.  It was created by God.  It is when we allow flesh to be controlled by a carnal mind and an uncontrolled will that we are tempted to sin… and usually yield to it.

To walk in the Spirit means to have your total life (spirit, soul and body) controlled by the Holy Ghost, the living Spirit of the Most High God, Who lives in you.

The flesh lusts.  It is the nature and character of the flesh to lust.  Lust after food.  Lust after rest.  Lust after gratification.  Lust after comfort.  Lust after pleasure.  Lust after money.  Lust after attention.

In order to prevent lust from having its fulfillment our lives need to be controlled by our Re-created Spirit.

Problem solved


September 27, 2021

Word for Today:  September 27


When the Body of Christ is functioning in Unity, the Power of God is Released into the earth.

There is unimaginable power in Agreement.  One of the greatest and most powerful tactics of the enemy is to divide the Body of Christ and in dividing, he can conquer.  When we are together… in unity…. we will all say the same thing with the same mind and heart and when we do the forces of darkness are crippled.  Defeated.  Destroyed.

Demons cannot operate and the devil cannot destroy when we are One.  This unity must be one that crosses all lines.  Racial lines. Cultural lines.  Social lines.  Economic lines.  Family lines.

Whatever the walls of division are…. They must be destroyed if His Power is to be experienced in us and released into the earth.

What can you do today to build a bridge instead of a wall?

The resurrection of a dead dog

September 26, 2021

I have been preaching for over 64 years and one of the most significant miracles I ever witnessed was the resurrection of a dead dog. 

God turned an apparent tragedy into a triumph when a dog my little boys loved got hit by a speeding automobile.    A beautiful German Shepherd named “Prince,” was a loving companion to my small boys but one day, in the presence of the boys, he was crushed under the wheels of a passing car. 

They cried and called for me to come and get him off the road where he lay.  When I arrived, the sight was not pretty.  He was bloody, his legs were askew and he was lifeless.  As the boys stood by me I told them I would have to take Prince to the back yard and bury him. 

Then one of them said “Daddy, why don’t you pray for him?”  An impossible situation.  How can I do this?  What will I tell them when I have to put Prince in the ground?  But I did.  I prayed.  But they had much more faith than I did.  I took the lifeless body and put it on the porch right by the front door and told the boys to go inside and get ready for bed (this happened late in the day).  I planned on burying Prince when the kids were asleep. 

When they were all tucked in for the night I reluctantly went back to the porch where Prince lay.  Do you know, when I opened the door that dead dog jumped straight up from where he lay and walked over to me and began licking my hand.  I was startled.  Dumbfounded.  And overwhelmed at the power of prayers prayed by little boys.  I ran inside, got them to come and see the Miracle of Prince.  And the ONE who makes the Impossible Possible proved once again with another Miracle that HE is our Almighty and All Powerful God.     

I put the shovel up and gave Prince a big serving of fresh ground hamburger


September 26, 2021

Word for Today:  September 26

If you are Born Again, you are the Elect.

God Himself calls you His Elect.  (Mat 24:31)  You have been selected and elected.   You have been called and chosen.  You are a unique and specialized creation.  You have a divine and holy destiny.

You were born with a Plan inside.  A built-in Plan.  A divine Plan.  A God Plan.  This plan has been in place before you were conceived inside your mother’s womb.  Even before the creation of all things in heaven and in earth.

This Plan was not formulated at the time of your conversion… it was set in place before the foundations of the universe were laid.  (Eph 1:4)

This is why satan has fought you since you were born.  Just why do you suppose you have experienced such attacks and afflictions and circumstances?  The devil knows about The Plan.  he does not know what it is but he knows it is in there.   And it just might be The One.

The One that ultimately spells his defeat in this dispensation.

You are Significant


September 25, 2021

Jesus changed things.   He made it possible for you and me to change things.  He gives us power to alter situations, change circumstances, and make thing better.  satan makes things bad.  demons make life miserable.  YOU can change your situation..  Many today are living in situations that they would like to change.  Some have been convinced by the devil that they can do nothing about their situations… “they are hopeless..”… they are “impossible”… he would say.  Others would confess “I can’t help it” or “there is nothing I can do about it…”  or “it is out of my hands…” 

However, you can change your present unbearable situation.   God has given every BELIEVER the AUTHORITY and the POWER to change things…

Jesus said: “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”  Literally: the Truth shall deliver you from the power of sin and sin’s consequences..  He also said: “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”


Since God wants these things for you and since you want these things for you LET’S LEARN HOW YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SITUATION…

1.  WE ARE BROUGHT INTO NEW COVENANT LIVING and we live under the Law of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS..  (Romans 8:2)  The law of the Spirit of Life has more authority and more power than the law of sin and death.  We are now living in the realm of Spiritual Laws that are superior to and more powerful than Natural laws.  SPIRITUAL LAW was here before NATURAL LAW.  TRUTH was here before FACTS were here..  TRUTH gives birth to FACTS… FACTS must submit to TRUTH..   I BELIEVE IN SUBMISSION..

     (1) Facts submit to Truth

     (2) Reason submits to Faith

     (3) Works submit to Grace

     (4)  Death submits to LIFE

     (5) Flesh submits to Spirit

     (6) hell submits to HEAVEN

     (7) Man’s will submits to God’s Will

     (8) The World submits to the Word..

2.  We are to live BY HEAVEN’S LAWS on earth and we are to ACCOMPLISH God’s Will in earth as it is in Heaven..  We are the Ones who will brings God’s Will to the earth as we operate by the Laws of the Kingdom of God..  If your situation is not in line with the will of God THEN YOU CAN CHANGE IT..  If your circumstances do not agree with the WORD of God then you can take TRUTH and make FACTS submit to it..

3.  God wants you and me to BRING the KINGDOM of GOD to the EARTH.  If we are to do this, we must learn HOW TO CHANGE THINGS..  God has placed awesome POWER at your disposal.  You are on this earth to subdue it and conquer it overcome the prince of the power of the air..  You can.  But you must BEGIN SOMEWHERE..


    Grab hold of Spiritual Truth and decide to DO SOMETHING about your situation.  If you do not like it… change it..  If it is not in line with the Word… change it..  You will never change things until you DECIDE TO..


     Get your mind renewed by the Word… get your computer “re-programmed”.  What you think and how you think determines what happens to you..  If you can think right, you can be right.  If you change your thinking, you will change your living..  “Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”  Romans 12:2   “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”  Proverbs 23:7


    Get away from all doubt and unbelief.  Get around those who will believe Big, Think Big, and Talk Big..  Believe the Bible.  Do not be carried away with the “theological reasonings” and “compromise teachings” of modern-day man-managed churches and denominations..  “doctrines of devils” are any doctrines that deny the TRUTH of the WORD and the REALITY of the MIRACULOUS..`


   “Train your Brain and Tame your tongue..”  What you say is what you get.  Your confession is an indication of your Spiritual Growth or the lack of it..  Believe it… Think it… and then SAY IT..  That is the importance of the confessions we make in every service.  It builds our faith to hear our mouths confess who we are and what we can do..  To hear us say what God says about us..  To hear our tongues agree with God..


    Deciding, Thinking, Believing, and Talking are preliminaries to DOING.  We are to be DOERS OF THE WORD… and not hearers only..  Walk out the Word.  Act out the Word.  Put the Word in your Shoes.  You are to be a LIVING EPISTLE according to the Word… DO IT..  (1) BELIEVE IT  (2) SAY IT  (3) DO IT…


    What you expect is what you get..  What you PLAN ON is what happens..  If you are planning on a “rainy day” that is what you will get.  Expect Miracles daily..  Put yourself in a position to allow GOD TO DO SOMETHING BIG FOR YOU..  Expect GOOD THINGS.  Resist the evil and the bad and the depressing.  Give NO PLACE to the devil..  Expect your situation to change when you apply these principles to them and plan on them changing. 

Never accept anything that does not line up with the WORD…


September 25, 2021

Word for Today:  September 25

Practically every situation on the world scene today is indicative of death, decay and defeat.

Fear prevails.  War threatens.  Terror rules.  Starvation and deprivation are the norm for two-thirds of the earth’s population.  There is NO HOPE in the natural.  Even at life’s best, death is only a heart-beat… a single breath away.  Cemeteries and funeral homes and hospitals and morgues are a constant reminder of the relentless pursuit of death.  Death is the counterpart of life in the world system and it is constantly overtaking the living.

But there is a way to live and keep from dying.

The Bible says that we can Choose Life and Refuse death.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you Life and Death blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may LIVE…   (Deut 30:19).

To choose Life and refuse Death is to Choose God and refuse the devil.

For He (God) is thy life and the length of thy days… (Verse 20).

Now, since people had rather live than die how can they do it?  Had you rather live than die?  Then it’s up to you.

Most think they can do nothing about life and nothing about death, but the Bible says that you have the privilege of Choosing which one you want…  The Bible says that we have a choice in the matter.  As a matter of fact, it gives us a simple multiple choice test.  Then, God is so anxious for you to get it right, He tells you which answer to choose!

When you choose to live you also choose for your seed to live.  When you choose to die you also choose for your seed to die.

God has bestowed awesome power in you.  He has given you the power and authority to choose.  What you choose and accept is what will come to pass.  What you refuse and resist is what will go away.  This is a Divine Principle set forth in the Word.

What choice will you make today?

Bro. John

September 24, 2021

An older man came one day to our Sunday morning service.  He wept through it all.  At the conclusion of the message he came and knelt on the floor in front of me and with a broken and contrite heart asked Jesus to forgive him and come into his life.  He was wonderfully saved by the power of God.  He became one of our most faithful members.   He was so broken and humble. 

One day he told me that he had left His wife and they had been separated for many years.  His children had grown up and he was sort of an outcast.  He longed for his family to be together again, but, he said, it will take a miracle.  He got involved in the church.  He visited the lost.  His witnessing technique was unorthodox, but very effective.  Many Saturdays I would see him walking down the street from where he parked his car and knocking on the door of each house on the block.  When the man or woman of the house answered his knock, he would take off his hat, hold it in his hand and say “Maam, could I please tell you what Jesus did for me?“ Then he would share his testimony.  I don’t know how many people were saved as a result of his compassion.  But many were. 

He became the driver of our bus and brought loads of children to church each Sunday.  He would visit their homes on Saturday and line them up for the ride to church the next day.  One home had a drinking father who was mean and abusive.  But this did not deter Bro. John from giving his testimony and inviting him and his children to come to church.   That man was Born Again one Sunday because of Bro. John.  And the once drunken, abusive, daddy later became a fired up Pentecostal preacher and pastor. 

Then one special Lord’s Day, Bro. John experienced another miracle.  His wife of years past looked him up, got together with him and they came to church together.  A few days later, they stood in front of me and renewed their marriage vows.  John’s Miracle had come to pass. And then… his children came back and began attending church with mother and daddy.   

Jesus, the Living Lord and healed another broken home and home had become heaven. 

I preached John’s funeral a few years back and told his story to those present.  His witness still lives and happens to be

Just another Infallible Proof that Jesus is Alive.


September 24, 2021

Word for Today:  September 24

The things of the world are becoming less and less important

The purpose for our existence is coming into focus.

There is new intensity in the Body of Christ.  New determination.  New diligence.  New resolve.  Many are developing a sharp focus and a determined objective.  The Goal is in sight.  We want to Know Him.  To be conformed into His Image. Our main quest is to come into the Fullness of God and accomplish the purpose of our Redemption.

The powers of darkness are screaming to distract us.  The forces around us are vying for our attention.  The noise is loud.  The sights are glittering.  The temptations are real.  And strong.  But we will not turn aside.  Never.  We will not be distracted.  We will not be lured away from where and what God is calling us.

We know what we want.

We have tasted and discovered that the Lord is Good.  We want what He has to offer.  We know what it is.  It is more.   It has been good but we want more.  It has been wonderful but it is not enough.  More.  We want more.  More of God.  More of Jesus.  More of the Holy Ghost.  More Word.  More anointing.  More Revelation.  More Power.  More Love.   To be more like Jesus.

Others know also.  They may be in the Far Country.  But they Remember.  Just like the prodigal son… they remember how good it is to be in Father’s House.  What they have tasted they can never forget.  And they will return.  Soon.

As this universal Pull of the Holy Ghost covers the earth… they will come home.  They are coming from the north, the south, the east and the west.  They know what they want the world cannot satisfy.  The flesh is too shallow.  The pleasure is too temporal.  The peace is too fleeting.  There is unrest.  There is dissatisfaction.  There is turmoil in the soul.  There is unhappiness and stress and anxiety.

Those who have wandered off will come home.  The prodigal will “come to himself” and return, with repentance, to Father’s House.   Because

This is the Day of our Visitation

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