Bro. John

An older man came one day to our Sunday morning service.  He wept through it all.  At the conclusion of the message he came and knelt on the floor in front of me and with a broken and contrite heart asked Jesus to forgive him and come into his life.  He was wonderfully saved by the power of God.  He became one of our most faithful members.   He was so broken and humble. 

One day he told me that he had left His wife and they had been separated for many years.  His children had grown up and he was sort of an outcast.  He longed for his family to be together again, but, he said, it will take a miracle.  He got involved in the church.  He visited the lost.  His witnessing technique was unorthodox, but very effective.  Many Saturdays I would see him walking down the street from where he parked his car and knocking on the door of each house on the block.  When the man or woman of the house answered his knock, he would take off his hat, hold it in his hand and say “Maam, could I please tell you what Jesus did for me?“ Then he would share his testimony.  I don’t know how many people were saved as a result of his compassion.  But many were. 

He became the driver of our bus and brought loads of children to church each Sunday.  He would visit their homes on Saturday and line them up for the ride to church the next day.  One home had a drinking father who was mean and abusive.  But this did not deter Bro. John from giving his testimony and inviting him and his children to come to church.   That man was Born Again one Sunday because of Bro. John.  And the once drunken, abusive, daddy later became a fired up Pentecostal preacher and pastor. 

Then one special Lord’s Day, Bro. John experienced another miracle.  His wife of years past looked him up, got together with him and they came to church together.  A few days later, they stood in front of me and renewed their marriage vows.  John’s Miracle had come to pass. And then… his children came back and began attending church with mother and daddy.   

Jesus, the Living Lord and healed another broken home and home had become heaven. 

I preached John’s funeral a few years back and told his story to those present.  His witness still lives and happens to be

Just another Infallible Proof that Jesus is Alive.

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