Jesus changed things.   He made it possible for you and me to change things.  He gives us power to alter situations, change circumstances, and make thing better.  satan makes things bad.  demons make life miserable.  YOU can change your situation..  Many today are living in situations that they would like to change.  Some have been convinced by the devil that they can do nothing about their situations… “they are hopeless..”… they are “impossible”… he would say.  Others would confess “I can’t help it” or “there is nothing I can do about it…”  or “it is out of my hands…” 

However, you can change your present unbearable situation.   God has given every BELIEVER the AUTHORITY and the POWER to change things…

Jesus said: “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”  Literally: the Truth shall deliver you from the power of sin and sin’s consequences..  He also said: “I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.”


Since God wants these things for you and since you want these things for you LET’S LEARN HOW YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR SITUATION…

1.  WE ARE BROUGHT INTO NEW COVENANT LIVING and we live under the Law of THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS..  (Romans 8:2)  The law of the Spirit of Life has more authority and more power than the law of sin and death.  We are now living in the realm of Spiritual Laws that are superior to and more powerful than Natural laws.  SPIRITUAL LAW was here before NATURAL LAW.  TRUTH was here before FACTS were here..  TRUTH gives birth to FACTS… FACTS must submit to TRUTH..   I BELIEVE IN SUBMISSION..

     (1) Facts submit to Truth

     (2) Reason submits to Faith

     (3) Works submit to Grace

     (4)  Death submits to LIFE

     (5) Flesh submits to Spirit

     (6) hell submits to HEAVEN

     (7) Man’s will submits to God’s Will

     (8) The World submits to the Word..

2.  We are to live BY HEAVEN’S LAWS on earth and we are to ACCOMPLISH God’s Will in earth as it is in Heaven..  We are the Ones who will brings God’s Will to the earth as we operate by the Laws of the Kingdom of God..  If your situation is not in line with the will of God THEN YOU CAN CHANGE IT..  If your circumstances do not agree with the WORD of God then you can take TRUTH and make FACTS submit to it..

3.  God wants you and me to BRING the KINGDOM of GOD to the EARTH.  If we are to do this, we must learn HOW TO CHANGE THINGS..  God has placed awesome POWER at your disposal.  You are on this earth to subdue it and conquer it overcome the prince of the power of the air..  You can.  But you must BEGIN SOMEWHERE..


    Grab hold of Spiritual Truth and decide to DO SOMETHING about your situation.  If you do not like it… change it..  If it is not in line with the Word… change it..  You will never change things until you DECIDE TO..


     Get your mind renewed by the Word… get your computer “re-programmed”.  What you think and how you think determines what happens to you..  If you can think right, you can be right.  If you change your thinking, you will change your living..  “Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…”  Romans 12:2   “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”  Proverbs 23:7


    Get away from all doubt and unbelief.  Get around those who will believe Big, Think Big, and Talk Big..  Believe the Bible.  Do not be carried away with the “theological reasonings” and “compromise teachings” of modern-day man-managed churches and denominations..  “doctrines of devils” are any doctrines that deny the TRUTH of the WORD and the REALITY of the MIRACULOUS..`


   “Train your Brain and Tame your tongue..”  What you say is what you get.  Your confession is an indication of your Spiritual Growth or the lack of it..  Believe it… Think it… and then SAY IT..  That is the importance of the confessions we make in every service.  It builds our faith to hear our mouths confess who we are and what we can do..  To hear us say what God says about us..  To hear our tongues agree with God..


    Deciding, Thinking, Believing, and Talking are preliminaries to DOING.  We are to be DOERS OF THE WORD… and not hearers only..  Walk out the Word.  Act out the Word.  Put the Word in your Shoes.  You are to be a LIVING EPISTLE according to the Word… DO IT..  (1) BELIEVE IT  (2) SAY IT  (3) DO IT…


    What you expect is what you get..  What you PLAN ON is what happens..  If you are planning on a “rainy day” that is what you will get.  Expect Miracles daily..  Put yourself in a position to allow GOD TO DO SOMETHING BIG FOR YOU..  Expect GOOD THINGS.  Resist the evil and the bad and the depressing.  Give NO PLACE to the devil..  Expect your situation to change when you apply these principles to them and plan on them changing. 

Never accept anything that does not line up with the WORD…

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