Word for Today:  April 14




You made a decision when you got Born Again.  You decided to make Jesus your Lord.  You are going to have to make the same kind of decision to release the Life and the Light and the Glory of God that is inside you.   When you make that decision, God then agrees with you.  You can decide to live in health and prosperity and success.   You can decide to obey the Word, Walk in the Word and Stand on the Word.   You can decide to choose either life or death in your daily decision-making.  It is more than choosing to go to Heaven after you die.  It is choosing to Live the quality of Life that Jesus died to provide.  Your decision to choose Life instead of Death will guarantee Victory and Success in every level of your life.

You can take the Word and drive out any and all darkness. You can decide to overcome sin…Sickness…depression…poverty… and anything else that has its birth in the kingdom of darkness.  However, if you do not decide to draw from the Spiritual Reserves inside of you, those Treasures in you will never come out and express themselves in the natural world.    If they do not come out you will not profit from them. You will walk in darkness and defeat.

When your spirit hears the Word spoken (Remember, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God) it (your spirit) receives power to put down death and defeat the demonic forces around you.  You decide what your spirit hears and your choices determine the outcome of your present and future situations.

Remember:  You choose.  You decide.  You activate Life or surrender to Death by the decisions you make.


It’s up to you


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