Word for Today:  January 7


Many in the body of Christ have never made it into the realm of winning and overcoming.

Some are still living in defeat, sickness, poverty and death.  Some are frustrated and sad and overwhelmed by problems and obstacles and circumstances.  More are just plain weary, tired, worn out and wounded… they are on the verge of quitting or simply copping out.

However, you are destined to win.

It doesn’t matter how bleak or hopeless or helpless your situation may be, if you are BORN AGAIN YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN!   This is GOOD NEWS.   And that is precisely what the Gospel is:  GOOD NEWS.

Jesus commanded us to preach the GOSPEL to the POOR.  When the Gospel that is preached is received and acted on, the POOR will not stay POOR, the SICK will not stay SICK, the WEAK will not stay WEAK and the LOST will not stay LOST.

Every Believer has a destiny to succeed.  God has planned winning for you and provided the means for you to accomplish victory.  In every situation.  Anytime.  Every time.  And all the time.


…and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.  1Jo 5:4





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