Word for Today:  September 13


The pattern.

God planned and prepared for His Church to operate in the Power of the Holy Ghost.  He planned for it to function in the continual manifestation of the Glory of God.  At least, that’s what we discover in the Book of Acts.   The unbelieving world is waiting for this to happen.    Most contemporary churches are not functioning in and Manifesting the Supernatural Power of God.

If we are to continue to do today what Jesus began to do then, we must have Power.   Supernatural Power.  Holy Ghost Power.

There should never be a Church Service:

  •  without miracles.
  •  without an anointed, fire-filled Holy Ghost Preacher Preaching.
  •  without a dynamic life-changing confrontation with God.
  • without lost souls being born again and devils run off.
  • without the sick getting healed.
  • without the Gifts of the Spirit operating.
  • Without dead, depressed and defeated believers being Fired-Up.
  • without Love pervading and prevailing.
  • without God being Glorified
  • without angels rejoicing in Heaven over victories won on earth

That was the pattern then.


That is the Plan now



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