Word for Today:  October 7


God is able

…our God Whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king…  (Dan 3:17)

Let’s declare that GOD IS ABLE!  God impregnated His Church with Power to prove to us that HE IS ABLE.    You are a living testimony that demonstrates God is Able.   What men can’t do GOD CAN DO.  What governments can’t do GOD CAN DO. What doctors and hospitals and medicine can’t do GOD CAN DO.  What banks and money and education and political power can’t do GOD CAN DO… because GOD IS ABLE!

As we face the storms that satan sends to discourage, dishearten and destroy us, my word to you today is, GOD IS ABLE to deliver us…. And HE WILL!

God wants to reassure us today.  He wants us to look at HIM instead of the approaching storms that are heading our way.  He wants to build us up in our most Holy Faith.  He wants to strengthen us and help us and deliver us and bless us.  He wants us to KNOW that HE IS ABLE to protect us from every snare and every devil and every fiery trial.  He speaks to us by His Word and through the Anointing and assures us that HE is our REFUGE, our FORTRESS, our MIGHTY GOD and our STRONG TOWER.  Be encouraged.


We will win.



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