Word for Today:  October 23


Put away the lie.

Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth…   Eph 4:25

  • satan never operates in truth.
  • he is a victim of the lie himself.
  • he was fooled into believing that he could be equal with God.
  • he was deceived into believing that he could rule heaven.
  • he is the father of the lie and he is the author of the lie.
  • hell is the result of the lie.
  • The world system functions by the lie.
  • The kosmos is fueled by the lie.
  • The fallen human race is cursed by the lie.
  • The lie produces death.
  • The lie produces misery.
  • The lie produces hopelessness.
  • The lie causes pain, and defeat.

Every failure is the result of The Lie.  So put it off.  The Lie put Jesus on the Cross.  The Lie put Jesus in the Tomb.  The Lie put Jesus in hell.

The Truth brought Him out!  Just as the Truth produced the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, the Truth working in you will produce life.


Overcoming life

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