Word for Today:  January 12

New Things.

We like New Things.  New is better than old or used.  New is the best.  It costs more, does more, lasts longer and looks better.

Jesus offers New Life and New Benefits and New Direction and New Position to every New Creation Believer.    The New Creation is to Live the New Creation Life, Enjoy New Creation Benefits and Do the New Creation Works.  Jesus has Chosen us, Birthed us, Baptized us, Equipped us, Commissioned us, and Empowered us.  We are His People, His Family, His Brothers and Sisters, His Body.  We are God’s New Creation.

“If any man be IN CHRIST…”

What does this mean?  It means if a Man is Born Again.

To be “In Christ” means to be “out of” Adam.    It means to be Born Again… Saved… Redeemed…

  • Born Again is an Experience.
  • Born Again is an Encounter.
  • Born Again is a Personal Decision.
  • Born Again is Supernatural.
  • Born Again is God Coming into You.
  • Born Again is a Work of the Holy Spirit.
  • Born Again is the Impartation and Infusion of God’s Divine Nature in us.
  • Born Again means Change.
  • Born Again means Repent.
  • Born Again means Like Christ.
  • Born Again means Righteous.
  • Born Again means Holy.
  • Born Again means Different from the world.
  • Born Again means New Creation.

It is not religion.  It is not good works.  It is not belonging to a church.  It is not being baptized.  It is not being sweet and nice and kind and considerate.   It is not being “better” than others.  It is being BORN AGAIN.

Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God…  John 3:3





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