Word for Today:  March 12


Jesus wants you blessed, free and prospering

He does not want you bound, enslaved, struggling or held captive.   Are you free?  Are you living in the blessings of God?  Are you prospering in everything you set your hand to do?  You may look free but not be free.  You may talk free but still be bound.  You may act free but still be held captive.  Decide to do something about it.

You are the only one (other than God) who really knows if you are free.  Your pastor does not know.  Your neighbors do not know.  Your relatives do not know.  But you know.

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you tired of being weary and frustrated and defeated?
  • Are you ready to be completely released from worry? From anxiety?  From fear?  From depression?
  • Do you sincerely want to be delivered and set free from any and all addictions?
  • Do you want a break-through? Do you want it today?  In your Finances?  In your Family? In your Job?  In your Marriage.  In your Business?

Do you believe you can trust Jesus to tell you the truth?

Will you trust the Word of God to speak Truth to your heart today?

Will you believe the Promises of God?

Will you believe them right now?

Will you act on them today?

Will you risk everything you have to gain everything you need now?


Will you?

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