Word for Today:  July 20


God’s Power.

Jesus commanded His followers to stay in Jerusalem UNTIL they got what He had for them.  It was a Baptism of Fire and Power.  It was the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and it would empower them to continue the work that Jesus has begun.   Jesus knew quite well what the disciples needed and He knows quite well what we need today.  It is Power that comes by and through a Baptism of Fire and Power.  This Baptism is an experience apart from and in addition to the work of the Holy Spirit which occurs at the time of Salvation and it is called “being filled with the Spirit.”

Do we need that Power today?  What do you think?  They needed it then but we have a much bigger world with much greater needs today.  Much preaching today is a “self-help” gospel.  A “warm and fuzzy, touchy-feely gospel.”   A “feel-good” gospel.  The self-help gospel depends on just that…. Self-help.  It gives us more of self and less of God.  But, frankly, I’ve had just about as much of self as I can stand.

I don’t need more of self, I need more of God.  I don’t need more of feeling good, I need more of feeling God.  I don’t need more of what I can do I need more of what God can do.  I don’t need more of my power I need more of God’s power.

Jesus knew that if we continued to do what He began to do we would need more than self.  More than flesh.  More than human effort.

If they needed it then, we surely need it now.  Do you need it?  Do we need it?  Do our churches need it?  Does our nation need it?  Does our culture need it?  Does our world need it?   Then let’s get all God has for us.

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit…  Eph 5:18


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