Word for Today:  December 16

The Race:  Hebrews 12:1-2

The Christian Walk is compared to an athletic race.  The crowds are present.  The course is before us.  We have got to win.  Second place will not do.  The success of our calling is at stake and nothing short of first place will do.  WE MUST WIN!

There are obstacles and hindrances on the track.  There are many opportunities to fail and not finish our course.  To give in to fatigue or weariness or weakness will cause our opponent to get ahead.  It will make us lose the race.  And WE MUST WIN!

Every Believer is in this race.  You will run or you will give up.  You will win or you will lose.  Every believer is on the track… and so is our opponent.

There is a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us.  They are watching and they are cheering. They have gone before us and they have won.  They know what is before us and they know we can win.  They are in heaven’s grand stand and they are rooting for us.  They watch and they observe… Our victory is important to them!

We are to lay aside hindrances or weights that will keep us from doing our best.  The runners strip off their outer garments and lighten their load so that they can use all their energy in running the race.

We are to run and we are to run with patience.  (With “Patience” running alongside of us).  Patience means that we know we will win regardless of how the race appears because God is with us.

We are to look to Jesus as we run.  He is the goal and the Finish Line.  He is the Victor’s Circle.  We stay ahead and we win as long as we look to Him.

We are to consider Him when we get tired and weary and are tempted to quit.

The Believer’s greatest temptation is to give up.  In times of great stress and trial and when it seems that all has failed… we are tempted to faint in our minds.  This is where the victory is won or lost….The mind is the battlefield and that is exactly where the war is won or the war is lost.  Keep your eyes on the Prize….

We Must Win

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