Word for Today:  January 19



In this hour, God is raising up “Joshuas” to lead His people into the fullest realization of their Spiritual Inheritance.

They are commissioned to take His People into their Promised Land.  The “promised land” is not death.  The “promised land” is not heaven.  It is not the “sweet by and by…”

The Land of Promise is the Place of Total Provision the Blood of Jesus has purchased for every believer and for all time.

God wants us in there.  God wants us moving out of the desert of death and do-nothing and into the land of Milk and Honey.

Are you there?  Have you gotten in yet?  Are you flourishing and feasting and overcoming?  Are you out of sickness and into health?  Are you out of poverty and into wealth?  Are you out of worry and into peace?  Are you out of fear and into faith?

Don’t stay stuck on the wrong side of Jordan.


Today is your moving day

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