Word for Today:  May 24

God has a plan.

God has a purpose and a design for all things.  As long as His plan is followed, His purpose and His design will come to pass.  When you by pass the Plan you by pass God’s purpose and God’s design.  When you work the Plan you flow in God.

A builder has a blueprint.  He follows the blueprint and it results in a completed structure that meets all the required specifications.

A cook has a recipe.  When the recipe is followed and all the instructions are obeyed, it results in a successful and delightful dish.

God has a Book.  It is the Bible and it is His Word.  When you abide in His Word and follow His Word, you have His Will and His design.  It is a winning will.  It is an overcoming design.  It is a FAIL-SAFE success system.

Read and follow the Instructions

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