Word for Today:  June 2


Many attempts have been made to change the world.

Governments have arisen and leaders have been established in order that the world might be changed.  Nations have been birthed and wars have been fought and millions of men have died in order that the world might be changed.  Religions have been formulated and philosophies have been initiated and kings have been crowned… all in order that the world might be changed.  However, the world is still wounded, it still hurts and it is still for the most part, unchanged.

The world will not be changed until people are changed.  People cannot be changed apart from God.  When God birthed the Church, He equipped it to change People.  When people are changed, the world will change.

To understand God’s Purpose for the Church, we have to go back in time. We have to go to the time the Church was Born.  When we see the birth of the Church and the Beginnings of the Church, we can discover what God purposes for the Church to be.

God’s Purpose for the Church has never changed.  It is the same today as it was in the day it was Born.  God intends for the Church to make a difference in the world.  God intends for the Church to govern, to control, to influence, to judge, and to function in Divine Authority here on this planet.  God wants the Church on earth to do the same things the Church in heaven is doing.  There should be no difference!

“Upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…”   Jesus


The Body of Christ is invincible

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