Word for Today:  June 4


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.  Heb 13:8

Religion and many denominations have taught us that we can experience the power of God only occasionally and periodically.   We have been taught that sometimes God just lets a little dab of heaven come down and bless us.  We have prayed and stayed and fasted and repented and preached and prophesied and spoke in tongues in order to get the power to come down… the fire to fall… revival to happen.  We have been led to believe that every once in a while God will give us a little touch of glory just to keep us going.

We have been taught that the Christian experience is a series of peaks and valleys… drought and abundance…. times when we are fired up and times when we are cold.  Where did this come from?  It came from our emotions and our feelings.  It came from our soulish man.  It is not the way it is in the Spirit!

God is the same.  Jesus is the same.  The Holy Ghost is the same.  The Word is the same.  His Eternal Purpose is the same.  When we walk in agreement with His Purpose, we are the same!  There is no “variableness” in Him or in us when we fulfill our part in His Plan.

We are clothed in His Power and we live by His Spirit.


Our Inner Man is as changeless as God

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