Word for Today:  June 9

The Incarnation.

In considering the Incarnation, we must remember that Jesus existed before his conception. In fact, “through him all things were made.”  John 1

Through Jesus, God freely chose to share in the human experience, shrinking back from nothing and participating in our world as one of us. Though Lord of all creation, he was subject to Joseph and Mary, his creatures. Though the author of life, he submitted to its rules, sleeping, eating, drinking and all limitations imposed on human flesh, even death.

He bore the limits of human communication, and struggled to reveal the kingdom of God in human words and actions. He endured the same social and political requirements among his followers that we suffer today… He even paid taxes.

In the miracles He performed, he never violated nature: stones did not become bread, animals did not speak, nor did fire fall from an angry God.   Although he did not create death, he submitted to it for our sake, because it was the will of the Father.

The Incarnation establishes the fact that:

God made Him to be sin for us that we might be made the Righteousness of God in Him… 2Cor 5:21

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