Word for Today:  July 6

Our faith is no faith if we are not acting it out.

We can testify about our “great faith” but if us are not acting it out in our daily living, our faith is not great… it is just not.  The Bible says that faith without corresponding action is dead.

But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Jas 2:20 

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. Jas 2:26 

Acting out faith is moving out of the realm of hoping and praying and thinking and reasoning.  Acting out faith is doing what the Word says we can do.  Acting out faith is taking what the Bible says is ours.   Acting out faith is refusing to do what our flesh tells us to do when it contradicts the Word.  Acting out faith is acting like we have what we are believing for before we actually get it.

Years ago, I flew my Chevrolet Malibu for two years before it became an airplane.  I would increase the speed to lift off speed and pull back on the wheel and see and feel by faith what it would be like when that airplane manifested.  And it did.  A Cessna 206.  With all the bells and whistles.

Just like God said it would.  And it did.

I walked in my “imaginary” house (2 story, 5 bedroom, 3 bath and double carport on acreage) before I walked in my “real” house that God manifested by His Word…. I wrote down what I wanted and carried it on a sheet of paper in my wallet for months and months and looked at it every time I took my wallet out.  It manifested.

Just like God said it would.

I preached from a flat-bed truck trailer on a piece of land we needed for a new auditorium.  I called it ours.  I named it and called it and spoke to it and acted it out.  A year later I was preaching from a new pulpit in our new auditorium on the land we preached on in faith.

Acting out faith is called foolishness by the world.   But it is called obedience by God.  And when we prove to God and to the world that we really believe by acting out faith before the manifestation of the Fact….

We please our Heavenly Father and we receive what we believe for.

Just like God said we would

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