Word for Today:  October 7

And Saul said…  1Sam 17:33

What are others saying about your situation?  What are the doctors saying?   What are the bankers saying?   What are the lawyers saying?   What are your relatives saying?  What are your neighbors saying?

It really does not matter what people say… the only thing that matters is what does the Word say?   Listen to what unbelief and doubt said to David as he faced Goliath:

  • “… Thou are not able…”
  • “… You can’t fight against him…”
  • “… You are too young and too small…”
  • “… You do not have any experience…”
  • “… You are not a soldier…”
  • “… he is a man of war… he is stronger than you… he has ability and experience… It is impossible…”

satan will always see to it that you have plenty of doubters and unbelievers around you.  Refuse to listen to them. Remember, we do not live by FACTS we live by FAITH and we believe TRUTH.

The Truth will make you Free.  John 8:32

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