Word for Today:  December 30


Peter’s Personal Pentecost.

Peter experienced a Personal Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2 and preached the most powerful sermon recorded in the Bible.

  • Here is the man who was ashamed of Jesus before his Personal Pentecost.
  • Here is the man who constantly gave in to discouragement and defeat before his Personal Pentecost.
  • Here is the man who was impetuous, always losing his temper, cursing and ready to fight. Here is the man who at one time even denied he knew Jesus.
  • Here is the man who was content to go back to mending nets, fishing and paddling boats.

Peter, the fisherman, became Peter the Superman.  It was his Pentecost Experience that made the difference.  And, my friend, it is exactly that that will make a difference in you.  In your home.  In your marriage.  In your job.  In your weakness.   In your life.   Notice what Peter preached:

  • He preached about the Last Days.
  • He preached about the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost.
  • He preached about the Great and Notable Day of the Lord.
  • He preached about Incarnation, Birth and Ministry of Jesus.
  • He preached about the Crucifixion.
  • He preached about Jesus descending into hell.
  • He preached about the Resurrection.
  • He preached about the Exaltation of Jesus.
  • He preached that Jesus is LORD and MESSIAH.

This kind of preaching does things.  It produces results.  It shakes the unshakable and moves the unmovable.  It pierces the darkness and blinds the devil.  It cannot be ignored.  It cannot be resisted.  It is born of the Holy Ghost and sent forth by the Holy Ghost and anointed with the Holy Ghost.  Human hearts melt in the presence of such preaching.  Pride goes.  Ego goes.  Sin goes.  Timidity goes.  Shyness goes.  Embarrassment goes.   Holy Ghost preaching makes things happen.

Impossible things.

Hopeless things.

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