Word for Today:  January 11


If you are a Believer, you have the nature of God in you.

And the Nature of Jesus in you.  And the Nature of the Holy Ghost in you.

This means that you can think like God… Talk like God… Act like God… Believe like God… And have the same Faith that God has, the same Life God has and the same Victory God has.

You do not have to yield to the pressures of the present.  You do not have to give in… give up or give over.  You do not have to quit.  Or compromise.  Or feel weak and insecure.  You are:

  • The Head and not the tail
  • Above and not beneath
  • Blessed and not cursed
  • Strong and not weak
  • Well and not sick
  • Rich and not poor
  • More than a conqueror

And you can do all things Through Christ Who is your strength.  Now.  Today.  Every day.

Where you go, God goes.  You take Him and all His Authority and Power and influence with you because He lives in YOU… you are His Temple of Dwelling.  The reason the devil hates you is because where you are, God is.

His Place of dwelling in the Old Testament was the Tabernacle.  It was Jesus in the New Testament and now it’s YOU in this Present Age.


Christ in you, the hope of glory…  Col 1:27

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