God’s Power


“But ye shall receive Power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…”  Acts 1:8


God wants you to have POWER in your LIFE.  He has fixed it so that you can have POWER in your LIFE.  He wants you to take His place and Function in His place on this earth every day of your life.  You know that you need GOD’S POWER in your life.  There are some things you want to do and you cannot do them without GOD’S POWER in operating in your LIFE.  You need:

(1) POWER over sin

(2) POWER over being timid

(3) POWER over being sick

(4) POWER over wrong attitudes

(5) POWER over the desires of the flesh and mind

(6) POWER over the curse of poverty

(7) POWER over your thought life

(8) POWER over fear and anxiety

(9) POWER over your hurt feelings and bruised spirit

(10) POWER over depression and worry.

(11) POWER over the devil and demons.

You know where you need POWER and why you need POWER.  You know what GOD’S POWER will do for you and in you.  You know that you can do nothing without His POWER.  You want His POWER and you want His POWER NOW!!  You are tired of waiting and procrastinating… you have tried other things and they have all failed.  You have read books and you have listened to tapes and you have prayed and you have gone to church… but you have never received God’s Power in your life.  It is now TIME for you to RECIEVE GOD’S POWER IN YOUR LIFE and LIVE DAILY IN IT!!

We want to discover: 1. What God’s Power is  2. How to receive God’s Power and 3. What God’s Power will do for you


God’s Power is GOD’S ABILITY.  God’s Power is God’s MIGHT.  God’s Power is God’s AUTHORITY.  God’s Power is God’s GLORY.  God’s Power is God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS.  God’s Power is God’s HOLINESS.  God’s Power is God’s NATURE.  God’s Power is GOD-LIFE.

God’s Power is not of this world and does not operate by the laws of this world.  God’s power is a PRIMARY POWER and is more powerful than any other energy or force or power in the kosmos.  All other power is inferior to God’s Power.  Nothing is higher than God’s Power!!  We have great difficulty in comprehending God’s Power because the only frame of reference we have is in the natural world.  God’s Power can be understood only in the context of the Spiritual and the Supernatural.  Notice: (1) God’s CREATIVE POWER.  (2) God’s SUSTAINING POWER  (3) God’s REDEMPTIVE (saving) POWER.

God’s POWER comes out of His Nature.  He is has Power because He is GOD.  One of His attributes is OMNIPOTENCE… or the fact that He has ALL POWER.  He is our ALL-POWERFUL GOD!!  His POWER makes Him SUFFICIENT and ADEQUATE!!  His POWER can do all things… meet all needs (according to His riches in Glory!!)… supply every lack… conquer every foe… defeat every devil!!

God’s POWER is TRANSFERABLE!!  It can be passed on and transferred to others. The awesome thing about being Born Again is that God is willing to TRUST HIS CHILDREN with HIS POWER!!

How is God’s Power received?


God’s Power is TRANSFERABLE.  When you were born naturally, you received, biologically, certain characteristics from your earthly parents.  You live with and in these traits every day until the day you die.  You even “favor” or “resemble” your earthly, physical parents because of the genetic structure of the human race.  When you were born naturally, you received everything you needed to function in natural life.  You got lungs to breathe with, legs to walk with, eyes to see with, hands to work with.  Everything you needed to function and live naturally were received biologically at the time you were born.

When you were BORN AGAIN you received, spiritually, the Character and Nature and Attributes of your HEAVENLY FATHER.  That is why Jesus said “Except a man be Born Again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God…” (John 3:3)  The word “see” means to “know” or “have knowledge of”.  It means to “perceive” or to “understand”.  Jesus was NOT talking about HEAVEN in this passage!!  He was talking about living and functioning in God’s Place and in God’s Kingdom on this earth before you go to heaven!!

You have RECEIVED the NATURE OF GOD if you are Born Again and, therefore, you have had GOD’S POWER transferred to you.  You receive God’s Power by getting BORN AGAIN.  If you are not LIVING IN GOD’S POWER it may be because you do not know how to!!  You can have God’s Power and yet not live in God’s Power.  Thousands of Believers are right there… maybe you are one of them!!  You can have God’s Power and yet not activate it and release it!!  This is where the Baptism in the Holy Spirit comes in!!

The Baptism in the Holy Ghost is essential in ACTIVATING and RELEASING God’s Power from within the Believer.  “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”  (Acts 19:2)  The Baptism in the Holy Spirit or the Infilling of the Holy Spirit is an EXPERIENCE apart from and in addition to being SAVED.  You can be saved and not filled with the Spirit.  You can have God’s Power in you and not have God’s Power working out of you.  This is the very reason for so many defeated and unhappy and unfruitful Christians.  The 2 Essentials for receiving God’s Power:  (1) the New Birth and (2) the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.  (You can know if you have or if you have not received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit!!)  If you do not know you have it, you can lose it and not know you lost it!!


God’s Power will do for you what God will do for you!!  It will bring God on the scene and release His Power at the point of your need!!  God’s Power will:  (1) Deliver you from sin’s control and dominion  (2) Provide you with weapons for effective Spiritual warfare (II Cor. 10:4-5)  (3) Open the door to Revelation Knowledge and Spiritual Understanding  (4) Provide you with opportunities to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit (5) Fill you with Agape Love  (6) Give you power over the devil and demons  (7) Encourage you to operate in Faith and Total Trust  (8) Give you power over sickness and disease  (9) Release you from the curse of poverty and lack  (10) motivate you to Witness and bear Spiritual Fruit  (11) Enhance your Prayer Life and encourage you in Praise and Worship  (12) Cause you to see the world through the eyes of Jesus  (13) Make you a part of the end-time army God is raising up to hasten the return of Jesus!!












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