Your New Season

 This is transition time.  This is moving time.  This is a new time.  This is a new place.  This is a new season.  A new challenge.  A new opportunity

The history of Israel reflects God’s Dealings with His People. 

Joshua Chapter 1:1-7     5  Prophetic Principles…

At this time in Israel’s history, several things are apparent:

  1. 1. They needed and wanted to get to a better place. They were tired of the desert. They were ready to move.
  2. 2. There were formidable obstacles and impossibilities standing in the way. There was a flooded Jordan and a barricaded Jericho.
  3. 3. They had to commit to change.   They could (1) go back (2) stay put or (3) move out in total trust…. Total faith.  Willing to Take a Risk that they had never taken before.  And trusting God on a level that was a New Season for them.

And they had some Life Changing reasons to forge ahead in faith:

  • They knew they were God’s People
  • They had anointed Leaders that could and would hear from God.
  • They had experienced miraculous deliverances in the past

There is Prophetic Significance in this Biblical Narrative for you and Orchard Assembly…

  • You have a passion to move to the Place God has prepared for you. That’s the purpose of this series of meetings.
  • In the past, you have faced formidable obstacles that were in the way of your progress… and will face some as you determine to move into your New Season
  • You have experienced miraculous deliverances in the past. You are familiar with the Power of God have seen His deliverance in the past.

  “The Lord Spoke”  (1)

  • God always gives direction to His Appointed and Anointed leaders. He has spoken in the past and He is speaking today.  God has many ways of speaking… Church is often where you get to hear what God is saying.  God has put this Church here for YOU.        

   “Moses My servant is dead…”  (2)  DEFINING MOMENT

  • This is a defining Moment in the History and Ministry of Orchard Assembly. The “Old” is over and the “New” has arrived.  This is transition time.  A new place.  A new season.  A new direction.     It’s not that the old was “bad” but the NEW will be BETTER.  God has already gone before you and the place is prepared.  The only thing necessary is for you to go on and go in.    The old has passed away and the new is here. This is a New Day.  A new Season
  • All that has happened in the past has been preparation for this hour and this time. For you personally and for this church.    Exciting and adventurous times are here.  The fulfillment of the Purpose of this Place is here.    The Time has come.  A new era has begun

Notice the sequence….

  1. Arise and Go Over…” (2)
  • Israel was not called to stay on the wrong side of Jordan. And you are not called to stay stuck where you are.
  • You are at the very point of pressing in. God is speaking, and His Message is GET UP and GO IN.
  • Consider the Purpose God has for you. And this ministry.  A new level of success and victory is at hand.  Waiting time past.  The season of staying put is over.  This is moving time.  Get up and Go.  And don’t be slow.  Time to move out and move on.  A new season is hereA new time has comeNew opportunities are opening.

In the early 70’s we were at a standstill at Lott Road Baptist Church.  We had been devoured by discouragementWe were wallowing in weariness.  We were at a defining moment in our history.  Our membership was at an all-time low and our financial base was pathetic.  At that specific time, God sent a Prophet to speak to us.  He told us of things to come.  A dream to be realized.  And he prophesied that our (small insignificant, floundering church), would be used to take the Word to many nations.  Nothing could have been more impossible at the time.  We were instructed to make preparations….  So we expanded.  Lengthened our cords and strengthen our stakes.  We trusted God in the face of every impossibility…. And now, after 50 years… we have seen the vision come to pass.    

  1. Every Place….that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses. (3)
  • This is God’s Promise. This is God’s provision.  The “New Place” is prepared and has already been given to you and now it’s time possess it.
  • It will be as big and as large as you want it to be and as you make it to be. It is YOURS and it is waiting for you to mark it out, walk over it and take it.   I remember the large relief map of the World we hung on the wall of the auditorium. In full color.  8 feet tall and 16 feet wide.  We began to put lights on every city, country and nation we were reaching.  It became the visible focal point in our auditorium.
  • Don’t limit God. He does not despise Small Things and Insignificant People.  God likes to make a lot out of a little.  So, don’t minimize His provision for you.  Don’t be afraid to launch out and believe BIG.   Israel came under a Fresh Anointing.  They became aggressive.  They were determined to move into the Place God had Promised.
  • What has God Promised His Church? Jesus declared that the very “gates of hell” could not and would not be able to withstand the power of His Church.  (Mat 16:18) That’s us.  That’s you and me.  That’s this church.
  1. No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life (5)

Behold I set before thee an open door and no man can shut it…. Rev 3:8

No man.  No devil.  No demon.  No obstacle.  No circumstance.  No lie.  No threat.  No thing.  God has said this. God has promised this.  God has already defeated every enemy and every foe.   The battle is not yours…. It is God’s and He has already won.

Mat 16: 18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

  1. Be strong and of a good courage…” (6)

This is God’s Personal Word to this body.   And to this pastor.  And to the leadership of this Church.  Being strong and courageous is a decision.  A choice we make.  It is not a progression or a process we go through, it is a decision and a choice.  “Be strong” is what Paul commanded…. Not “get strong.”

When people follow the leadership of those God has anointed and placed in their lives, they inherit the Promises and the Provisions of God.

  1. “Wherever you go, I’ll be with you…” (9)

What ever you face… whatever impossibility… Whatever attack of the enemy….  God Will Go With You…

  • A New Season is here
  • A New Day has come
  • A New Dimension of Ministry is before you


Your New Season is NOW





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