Something is Stirring

Something is Stirring

There are many indications both visible and invisible that speak loudly of the Move of God in this hour.  Something is stirring.  There is a “sound of a going in the tops of  the mulberry trees” (II Sam 5:24).  There are urgings and hints and shadows of Something soon to be revealed to earth by God.  It is like stages in a mother’s pregnancy.  There is development and growth and signs that the New Life will soon be Birthed.  So it is in the earth today.

The world will be impacted by the most awesome and spectacular visitation of God the human race has ever experienced.  Sure, you say, I’ve heard this before.  Maybe you have, but you are now caught up in the count-down and NOTHING shall be able to prevent or hinder what God has planned for this hour.  The Countdown has begun and there is no stopping it now!   The eternal purpose of the Eternal God will break forth and the Church will come into its Glory… the Same Glory that Jesus shared with the Father in the beginning.

Many things will happen.  Some will be pleasant, other may be painful.  None can be ignored.   The Lord God who Reigns will see to it that His Church is pure and holy and without spot or wrinkle.  This process may be painful.  On the other hand, the Lord God who Reigns will also immerse His Church in baptisms of Power and Glory and Excellence and Perfection.  Waves of anointings will flow.  New Mantles of Anointings will rise.  Men and women and young people and children will minister in powerful Spiritual Gifts that will shock the unbelieving world and the Laodicean church.

What God is saying today, He said to prophets and apostles in the past.  He said it, but many resisted it and refused to believe it.  Others wondered what He meant.  Some did not understand.  Today, that message and that Prophetic Word is clear and uncluttered.  Haggai, God’s Prophet, to a lethargic and complacent company of Jews, was sent to speak the Word of the Lord regarding Restoration.  Israel had just been released from captivity, and had returned to their beloved Jerusalem.  Haggai spoke God’s Message of restoration and encouragement to awaken the conscience and stimulate the enthusiasm of his people to Rebuild and Restore the Temple.  This is a type of the Prophetic Message today regarding the Restoration of the crippled, traditionalized, man-made Church.    Notice what Haggai said:

For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land;  And I will shake all nations…  Hag 2:6-7

First, he said, “in a little while” God will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land.    How long is a “little while”?  I don’t really know.  But I declare that in God’s “little while” there will be some shaking and quaking. Those things that seem so fixed and stable and secure will be jarred to their foundations and men will know that it is God Who is doing the shaking.  We are in that season known as “God’s little while.”  It is the time of preparation for manifestation.

God said that He would shake (1) the heavens, (2) the earth, (3) the sea, (4) the dry land and (5) all nations.  That shaking has now begun and everything than can be shaken will be shaken.  The Church will be shaken.   Denominations will be shaken.  Preachers will be shaken.  Ministries will be shaken.  Believers will be shaken.    The world system (cosmos) will be shaken.  Sinners and unbelievers will be shaken.  Fear and Terror will fall on their hearts and they will run (not walk, but RUN) by the millions into the safe haven of the Turned-on, Fire-filled Church.  The whole earth will be made to Know that God is God!

Second, there will be Fresh and New Mantles of Anointing flowing.  God’s Power will be revealed in the Church.  His Glory will sweep through the Church and His Presence will be awesome.  It will be as it was in the days of Solomon… the priests and the servants of the Lord will not be able to stand by reason of the cloud for the Glory of the Lord will fill the House of God (2 Chron 5:14).  New streams of Anointings will flow.  Men will stand boldly to declare “thus saith the Lord” and will not fear the opposition of men or the reproach of the world.  Healing streams.  Delivering streams.  Streams of strength and streams of encouragement.  Streams of revelation and streams of unction to preach and speak in behalf of God.

Great anointings that will shake cities and towns and villages and communities… all flowing through men and women and children who are yielded to God.  Prophetic anointings will operate and discerning anointings will operate.  It will be as pure and powerful as that Anointing Peter had when he saw the sin of Ananias and Sapphira.  Great and awesome anointings of power and supernatural abilities, healings, and faith, and miracles… just like it was in the Book of Acts, will be the atmosphere and the climate of the Restored Church.  Now, we see through a glass “darkly” but soon we will see as God sees!  Hallelujah!!

Third, out of the shaking and the anointing will come a season of Repentance and Cleansing.  Men will be convicted of sin.  Sin will be revealed.  Great fear will come on them all just as on the day of Pentecost.  Fear (respect) for God and His servants will prevail.    Men will have regard for the Word the prophet/preacher delivers.  The church will no longer be taken lightly and the preacher will no longer be the butt of jokes and the subject of slander.  The Church will rise to new heights of respectability and accountability and integrity.  Sin will not go undetected.  There will be no “secret sin” but it will be revealed and repented of.  When sin is dealt with, the anointing will flow unimpaired.

Quality and not quantity will be the norm of the Church.  Bigger is not always better.   The size and seating capacity of the Church auditorium is no measure of Spiritual success or the favor of God.  How clean are we?  How pure are we?  How loving are we?  How unforgiving are we?  How kind are we?  How careful are we to always speak words of Life and how determined are we to refuse words of death?  How understanding are we?  How respectful of the Men of God and the Ministers of God are we?  The violence of the shaking and the intensity of the anointing will produce Repentance and Cleansing in the Church.  Revival comes out of Repentance.  The fundamental message of the Prophet is:  “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!”

Finally, the Re-Born Church will be composed of a company of Committed Believers.  The Army of God will be made up of Champions and mighty warriors.  No weaklings.  No cowards.  No flakes and no freaks.  Committed Men and Committed Women.  God is bringing in His First String.  The bench-warming and water-boy days are over.   God is producing Quality in the Body of Christ.  Like the Olympic Games, the Re-Born Church will place the Best, the Strongest, the most highly Disciplined and Trained champions on the front lines and we will Go for the Gold.  The bronze is OK and the silver is good, but we will be satisfied with nothing short of the Gold for God!!   No grumbling and no complaining.  No fault-finding and no self-pity.  No fruitless efforts and no mud-slinging.  Only the Best for God will do.  Commitment is the name of the game.  Commitment is produced out of Love of and Respect for the Church of the Living God.

Haggai declared that the “Glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former…”  Now, that is really exciting!  This is the Re-Born, Restored Church.  This is the Revived Church.  This is the Church that is on the way!



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