Word for Today:  April 15


If we had no Living Lord we would have no Miracle Power.  If Jesus was not alive, the Gospel would have no power.  The ONE THING DIFFERENT about our MESSAGE is that it CHANGES LIVES!  It is more than philosophy and more than religion.  It is more than literature and more than history.  It is LIFE and it is POWER and RESTORATION.

The RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST was and is the greatest RELEASE of GOD’S POWER in the history of all creation.

The RESURRECTION of JESUS from the Dead is the GREATEST EVENT that ever TOOK PLACE.  Nothing compares with it and nothing ever will.  It is the GREATEST and MOST GLORIOUS WORK that GOD the FATHER ever did.  It surpasses Creation.  It surpasses God’s dealing with men in the Old Testament.  It is the greatest MIRACLE of ALL TIME.  Nothing man has ever done can compare with the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead.  All the achievements of men fade and become unimportant when compared with the RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST.

Paul says, without the Resurrection of Jesus:  (1) All our preaching is in vain  (2) our Faith is powerless and fruitless  (3) we are all guilty of being liars… false witnesses… those who do not tell the truth  (4) our sins cannot be forgiven… we are still guilty and condemned  (5) there is NO HOPE for those who have died in the faith… in other words, there is no heaven  (6) we, of all men on earth, are the MOST MISERABLE  (I Cor 15:14-19)


  1. Don’t look for the LIVING among the dead
  2. Expect your needs to be met… according to His Riches in Glory
  3. Miracles Still Happen
  4. Stand Fast… Resist the devil… Refuse defeat…
  5. Live the Resurrection Life and expect Resurrection results



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