Word for Today:  May 20


“In 1607 the Jamestown settlers stepped ashore on pristine soil at Cape Henry, Virginia.  They immediately planted a cross and claimed this land for Jesus Christ.  That same day, Reverend Robert Hunt gathered the group for a prayer service.  He urged the men to pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would go forth to all nations from these shores.  The charter of Virginia, granted by King James I, gave their purpose as: propagating the Christian Religion to such people as yet live in darkness…”

These noble individuals were sheltered and schooled in homes where the Bible was read, studied and practiced.  Marriage was scriptural and paramount and the sanctity of such marriages became the birthplace of statesmen and leaders and scholars and merchantmen that feared God and laid the foundation of our great nation.

God is determined to bless any nation that stays true and faithful to Him and His Word.  God will safeguard any government that honors Him and keeps His Word.  God will supernaturally protect the people of any country that will humble themselves and pray.


PRAY today for the USA

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