Word for Today:  June 28


The Word declares:

for by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it (faith) is the gift of God…  Eph 2:8.

Faith is a Gift.

Faith is a Gift from God given to you.  Faith is the ability to really believe God.  It is revelation.  It is in the heart.  It is in the innermost part of our being.  It is resolve.  It is dependence.  It is confidence.  It is relying on.  It is trusting.  It is seeing the invisible.  It is holding the intangible.  It is reaching out into nothing and holding on until nothing becomes something.  It is as­ur­ance.  It is a certainty.  It is REAL.

Faith is developed by hearing the Word.

Faith cometh (grows) by hearing and hearing by the Word of God…  Rom 10:17.

Faith is devel­oped by being around faith.  A “faith osmosis” happens by being in a Faith Church surrounded by Faith People. Like begets like.  Praise, worship, rejoicing, singing… engaging in True Worship, these will develop faith.

Faith is also developed by the anointed preaching of the Word of God.  Even by reading these words, your faith is being built up.  I believe you will be stronger after you read this than you were before you read it.

  • Faith is developed by doing the Word.
  • Faith is developed by saying the Word.
  • Faith is developed by and through Love.
  • Faith is developed by making right decisions.
  • Faith is developed by remembering past victories.
  • Faith is developed by “keeping the flesh under.” 1Co 9:27
  • Faith is developed through intimacy with God.

What you do with your faith determines what your faith will do for you

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