Word for Today:  July 12

There will be times in your Christian Experience when it seems like nothing is happening even though you are praying and believing.

However, waiting is not bad.  Not if you understand what is taking place in the realm of the Spirit.  When you PRAY and BELIEVE, powerful spiritual forces are released.  These forces are invisible but they are REAL.  They work and they produce.  While you wait, you can reinforce your faith.  You do not have to get discouraged, or depressed or frustrated.

Waiting can cause you to discover facets of God’s Grace and Tender Mercies that you never knew existed if  you wait with confidence and faith.

You will reap in due season (there is an APPOINTED TIME set BY GOD for your answer!), if you faint not… Gal 6:9

While you wait, there are some things you can do to strengthen your Faith Position.  Waiting does not mean “doing nothing.”  “Resting” in God does not mean idleness or inactivity.  Read the Word.  Meditate the Word.  Pray the Word.  Say the Word.

While you wait you can be assured that:

  • God is working
  • satan is resisting
  • Patience is developing
  • The answer is on the way

And God is with you

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