Word for Today:  July 24

Things can be better.

Many feel “resigned” to certain situations that seem to be changeless.  Things that appear to be set in concrete.  Things that have been going on for a long time.  Things that cause despair, discouragement and disappointment.  This prison of things that seem unchangeable cause many to faint.  To falter.  To lose the joy of living.  To become resigned to failure and frustration.

Do you understand that it is the devil who LIES to you about things that cannot be changed?  God wants to bring you into a New Place.  He wants to reveal some Newness into your life.  He wants you to move up to a higher level of living.  He has provided a Way for you to escape.  To emerge from the doldrums of a boring, mediocre, disappointing life to a life of adventure and excitement and anticipation.

It is not the will of God for you to grow Old in your heart and Resigned in your mind.  His Will is for you to continually and constantly live a fulfilled and productive life. He wants you to stay young in your mind.  He wants you to think young.  And vigorous.  He wants you to be creative and innovative.  Is this what you want?

One of the biggest lies ever to come out of hell is the lie that things will always have to stay the way they are.  They can be better.

Things change when we change them.  Things change when we come into the revelation of Who we are in Christ and what God has already done for us.  The devil builds walls to confine us.  To restrain us.  To hold us back.  The fundamental principle of our Salvation and our Position in Christ is that we have been set free.  Not “going to be” but “already have been.”

We are at this very moment in possession of Resurrection Life.  God has DONE all this is necessary or that will ever be necessary for us to reign in life (Rom 5:17).    Not struggle.  Not strive.  Not suffer through.  Not tolerate.  Not stay stuck.  But to Live in Resurrection Life…. NOW.  TODAY.


Change happens when we make it happen

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