Word for Today:  August 2


Get involved.

Spiritual Growth depends on proper teaching.  The only correct teaching is Word Teaching.  The only adequate teaching is the teaching of the Whole Word.  Word Churches teach the Whole Word to the Whole man.

You need to get involved and committed to a ministry that does not compromise the Word… a ministry  and a church that preaches and practices everything the Word Teaches.  You need to belong.  You need to help shoulder the responsibility of getting the Gospel to the World.  Your family needs the protection and provision of a strong Word Ministry.

It is extremely important that you attend, support and give into a ministry that is doing what the Word tells you to do.  Your love for Jesus is reflected in your love for your church.  Your family needs to know how to get healed and stay healed… how to get rid of devils and run demons off.  Your children need to know how to resist the devil and how to stand on the Word.  Your marriage needs the protection of a strong Word Ministry.  Your business needs the counsel and support of a strong Word Ministry.

You need the challenge of Believing Big and Dreaming Big and attempting the Impossible.  You need to get committed to a Word Ministry.  Have you?  Will you?  If not, why not?  Who do you suppose it is that is trying to talk you out of it?

You need to be committed to a strong Word Church with a World Vision that has plenty of work for you to do…  Are you willing and ready to get involved?  Are you available for God to use you?


Find your place in God’s Plan

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