Word for Today:  August 17


Have you ever seen an unruly child that continually slips out from under Mother’s care and runs where ever he wants to go?  One that constantly demands mother’s attention because he flits from here to there and flirts with trouble all the time?  He just won’t be still.  He has to run here and run there to see this and to see that.  And mother is totally frustrated.  And aggravated.  And soon she reaches her limit.

At this time, she rushes over to the unruly child, forcefully lifts him off the floor, takes him to a chair and with much intensity, plops him down on his duster and sternly says:  “Now, you stay right there and don’t you move.  I mean, don’t move.  Be still.  Settle down.  Be quiet.  Stay in your place.”

The truth about the matter is that many in the Body of Christ have been running around… like wild, uncontrolled, rebellious children.  Doing their thing.  Going their way.  And stopping by church once in a while to pay their respects to God.  There has been no discipline.  No commitment.  No determination.  No vision.  No “heart” for God.

In this hour the Holy Ghost is picking up these rebellious, wild, self-centered Children of God and forcefully seating them in “their place” in Gods’ Grand Plan.  And this is good.  It is time for this.  We have been undisciplined for a long time.  But this is a new day. God is doing some radical things.

He is capturing our attention and commanding us to shape up.  Ordering us to get ready.  The Big One is coming.  It is at the door.  We need to heed what Jesus commanded:  Be ye ready for in such an hour as you think not… the Son of Man cometh.

There will be a coming of the Holy Ghost before the Coming of the Son of Man.  An arising.   A flood… not a shower or a downpour, but a flood.  It is for this reason we must be in Our Place in Gods’ Plan.

Get there.  Stay there.

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