Word for Today:  August 19

Be a healer

I’m not talking about laying hands on the sick.  I’m talking about healing relationships.  Healing divisions.  Healing differences.    Building bridges and not walls.  Taking down fences and opening gates.

Our past religious traditions have built too many walls.  We are called and purposed to tear them down and build bridges in their place.

According to the Word, believers are living stones.  We are to be collectively built up into a Spiritual House (not houses, plural) but a House (singular).

Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house…   1Pe 2:5

In the past we have been divided, and put separate piles…. Different piles.  Diverse piles. Cultural piles.  Racial piles.  Economic piles.  And “church” piles.  God wants us to be One Pile not many piles.

  • We have had Baptist piles
  • Methodist piles
  • Catholic piles
  • Presbyterian piles
  • Pentecostal piles
  • Episcopalian piles
  • White piles
  • Black piles
  • Hispanic piles
  • Asian piles
  • Nationality piles
  • Rich piles
  • Poor piles
  • Educated piles
  • Uneducated piles

God is calling us to One Pile so that He can build a Spiritual House… and that is what happens when we make a determined effort to heal broken and bruised relationships.

Be a healer today

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