Word for Today:  September 12

The Glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea…

It will be a Quick Work that will leave the world’s head swimming.  It is in its infant stages now.  But it will grow day by day.  It will increase.  It will gain momentum.  It will escalate. There will be a crescendo.  There will be a shaking, a shocking and an uprising.

Where there has been social and political unrest… there is now an unrest in the Spiritual Realm.  A stirring.  A moving.  A release of Divine Energy.  You feel it.  You feel it here.  You see it.  You see it here.  It is happening NOW.  It is happening across the earth.

All Creation is standing on tip-toe waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God:

For the earnest  expectation of the creature (creation) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Rom. 8:19

Now, guess who the Sons of God are?  The Church.  You and me (if you are saved).  Those who are Born Again.  The Body of Christ.

And, according to the Word of God, we are going to be Manifested.   Revealed.  Shown and displayed to the entire Creation.  Both animate and inanimate.  To the heavens and to the earth.  To all flesh… believers and unbelievers.  To all races.  Creeds.  Cultures.  To everything and to all things.

The neat thing about all of this is, it is God’s plan.  And it is a Grand Plan.  It is an eternal Plan.  And there is absolutely nothing the devil or anybody or any power can do about it.  It Will Happen.

The Turned-On New Testament Church is where it will begin and it will surge outward until it breaks forth and every nation and every kindred and every tongue on this planet is covered with the Glory of God.


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