Word for Today:  September 21


When you were Born Again you received the Character, Nature and Attributes of your Heavenly Father.  That is why Jesus said, Except a man be Born Again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God… John 3:3.   The word “see” means to “know” or “have knowledge of.”  It means to “perceive” or to “understand”.

Jesus was not talking about Heaven in this passage.

He was talking about living and functioning in God’s Place and in God’s Kingdom on this earth before we die and go to heaven.

If you are Born Again you have had God’s power transferred to you.  You receive God’s Power by getting Born Again.  If you are not living in God’s power it may be because you do not understand how to.  You can have God’s Power and yet not live in God’s Power.

Thousands of Believers are right there.  Maybe you are one of them.  You can have God’s Power and yet not activate it and release it.

God’s Power will do for you exactly what God will do for you.

The awesome power of God is in you.  And this Power is activated and released by your Faith.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…   Eph 3:20

When you determine to activate that power by your faith, you bring God to the scene of your need.  The Word becomes flesh.  The Kingdom of God comes.

And hell has to move over

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