Word for Today:  October 13

One of the greatest illustrations of God’s Power being released through the Gifts of the Spirit happened to me back in the last 70’s when I was invited to teach in a leadership conference being held in Santiago, Chile, South America.

My assignment was to teach on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to a group of Methodist leaders who had come from many districts in Chile to attend the conference.  When my interpreter (from English to Spanish) failed to show up, I was faced with an insurmountable difficulty.  It was impossible (in the natural) to communicate with the class of about 30 who had chosen to learn about the Holy Spirit and His present-day work in the Church.

After a few minutes of utter frustration, I began to forcefully speak out loud in Tongues.  The room was suddenly filled with the Power of God.  The interpretation was supernatural.  When I finally found someone to come and translate for me, I was informed that those in the class heard and understood what I had spoken in their native language, Spanish.

They told me through the interpreter, that they received specific instruction on how to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

And they all did.

It was a Miracle of the First Order

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