Word for Today:  November 10

The Church is important.

The Church is vital.

The Church is the world’s only hope.

God will use the Church to change the world.  I know this is possible because ONE CHURCH did change the world.  Forever and forever the course of human history was changed and impacted because of the influence and ministry of this One Church.

What God has done in the past He is certainly able and capable of doing today.

  • God is the same.
  • The Holy Ghost is the same.
  • Jesus is the same.
  • The Word is the same.

What the Church did in the past is proof that the church can do it today.  The Church of the Living God is the most POWERFUL FORCE on this planet.  Nothing and nobody can equal its power and its authority.

The Church is people.  It is not buildings of brick and mortar… it is not denominations and doctrines…. it is not man-made nor man-managed… It is not great architecture and beautiful services… It is more than structures on street corners.  It is People.  People are individuals… Individuals like you and like me.  Us.  We who have been Born Again and Birthed into the Kingdom of the Most High God.  We are the Church.  You are the Church.   The Church is present here today.   And anything that has ever happened “in the church” or “to the church” at any time in the past can and could happen today.   Why should we expect the Church to be anything less than what it is in Acts?

How can we be satisfied with what it is today if it is not what it was during its birth and early history?

It should do what it did.

It can do what it did.

It must do what it did.

It WILL do what it did

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