Word for Today:  November 12

Jesus started the Church.

It originated with Him and it was born by Him.  He is the Author and the Completer of the Church.   He said He would Build His Church and the gates of hell could not and would not prevail against it (Mat 16).

Jesus never told a lie and He never began anything that failed.  He began the Church, He builds the Church and it is His Church.   It is not my church.  It is not your church.  It is HIS CHURCH.    He is the Head.  He is the Foundation.  He is the Reason and Rationale behind the Church.

  • The Church is as Powerful as Jesus is Powerful.
  • The Church is as eternal as Jesus is eternal.
  • The Church has the same Authority that Jesus has.
  • The Church has the same Power that God has.
  • The Church can do anything that Jesus can do. And even “greater.”
  • The Church can bind and loose just like Jesus can bind and loose.
  • The Church is Supernatural just like Jesus is Supernatural.
  • The Church was birthed to Rule and Reign just like Jesus was manifested to Rule and Reign.

And you and I are the Church.

The Church is Now.  The Church is Today.  The Church is Here.

It is Alive, Well and Filled with Power

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