Word for Today:  December 18


Right Choices are choices that are based on the Word of God.  They have TRUTH as their foundation.  They agree with God and with God’s Word.  They line up with the plan and purpose of God for your life.

Right Choices guarantee God’s cooperation with you in every life situation.  They make you partners with God. Right Choices will bring God’s Power into play in fulfilling your dreams and visions and goals.

When you decide right you make a spiritual connection with God and no power in heaven or earth will defeat or stand against you.  All of heaven’s resources become available to you when you choose life.  And they are guaranteed and secured by the faithfulness and integrity of Almighty God.

Wrong Choices are choices and decisions that are based on the logic and reason of the World System.  They are arrived at by feeling and sight and emotion.  They are always reasonable.  Their foundation is fact and their power is limited to what man and his mind can do.  They lock one into the natural and never allow him to break into the supernatural.  Wrong choices will release demonic powers to attack and buffet.

This is humanism in raw form.  Wrong choices invite demons to possess and oppress.  Everything that is based on decisions made in natural reasoning and sense knowledge will fail.  They all have the seed of DEATH in them and death will ultimately prevail.  All wrong choices issue forth from human reasoning, natural facts, sense knowledge and a mind that has not been renewed by the Word of God.

What you choose and what you refuse determines if you win or lose

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