Word for Today:  January 8

Take what is rightly yours.

Many are caught up in the pressures of the present and cannot move out into the promises and provisions of our faith.  We see obstacles and hindrances.  We fear what might be and what could be.  We are worried by our assumptions.  We are confused by our conflicts.  As a result, we live in the stress of unbelief and the anxiety of the uncertain.

We need to KNOW some things.  We need to get out of hoping and praying and into assurance and expectation.    We need to transition from our dream to the fulfillment of it.   We need to possess our possessions.  We have been limited by religion and hindered by tradition.  We have been robbed by man’s doctrine and held back by the opinions of others.  We have been taught a lie and sold a false bill of goods.  We have lived in the natural and walked in the carnal and we have tasted death, defeat, disease, weakness, failure, limitation, disappointment and depression.

It is time for us to possess our possessions.  Jesus has bought them and paid for them.  On the Cross.  With His Blood.

They are all there and they are all ours… now. Today.

Take what Jesus Bought for you

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