Word for Today:  February 12


God is extending a calling to His People in this hour… it is His call to commitment.

Commitment is the “Works” part of Faith.  Faith without Works is dead… or faith without commitment will not work.  In the book of Acts, the early Believers were committed to the point of a willingness to die for what they believed (and many did).  That is commitment.

Commitment means:

  • Responsibility
  • Obedience
  • Dedication
  • Involvement
  • Sacrifice
  • Singleness of heart

Many today want to know “what can the Church do for me and my family?” Commitment says “What can my family and I do for the church?”  Commitment seeks to minister.  Selfishness seeks to be ministered to.    It is not “What can I get out of it?” but rather, “What can I contribute to it?”

The Military demands commitment.  I clearly remember the day I stood before an officer in the Navy and pledged my commitment (to the death, if necessary) to the protection and defense of our great nation.  Every soldier is expected and commanded to lay down his life for his country if necessary.  He is committed to protect it at all costs.

Ministry demands commitment.

Realizing your dream demands commitment

Marriage demands commitment.  Each partner is commanded and constrained by commitment to the other.

Business… Job… Education… Aspiration…  success in life…. all of these demand commitment.

God is calling YOU to a higher measure and level of commitment to His Kingdom… To His cause… To His Church… To the Lost World…

Be Faithful

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