Word for Today:  March 14

The world is in for a shaking.

It is in its infancy now and it will grow in intensity.  It will be good for those who know how to stand and it will be disastrous for those who are weak, uncommitted and carnal and cold.

It will help the church… the True Church.  It will reveal the shallowness and the superficiality of the religious bunch.  Hypocrisy, dishonesty, hidden sin and liars will be shamefully exposed.  Play-like church will not last and men-pleasing preaching will not cut the mustard.

History will be a great stage for the “standers” and the “doers” and the believers.  The staunch and the steady.  The true and the Real.   Change is coming.   Change is going to happen.  It will rise from a whisper to an earth shaking crescendo and Righteousness will Prevail.

History is convulsing.  Governments have failed.  Leaders have fallen.  Nations have collapsed.  Kings have been dethroned.  War threats and accusations are heard on every front.  But the Church is here and the Church has prevailed…  Just as Jesus said it would!  (Mat 16)

The devil is gearing up for a last-ditch effort to deceive the masses before the Grand and Glorious appearance of Jesus on earth!  But all his effort will be futile to those who are anchored in God.


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