Word for Today:  April 20

The Main Thing.

There is absolutely nothing as important as being Right with God.  Being Right with God means being Born Again.   It means living for God.  It means resisting and refusing to live in sin.  It means being ready to die and ready to live. It means not being satisfied to exist or merely survive.  It means being ready to meet Jesus and to greet Jesus.  It means not fearing death, being terrified of the graveyard, or dreading eternity.    It means living in obedience to the Word and it means being free from sin’s control and dominion.  It means being a Witness.  It means making a Positive Difference in the Word.  Nothing… absolutely nothing is as important as being Right with God.

The world is hell-bent on preventing you and me from getting Right with God and staying Right with God.   It (the world system) is controlled by the devil and demons and they are actively engaged in all kinds of deception in order to keep you and me from being Right with God.  If you are right with God, the Kingdom of Darkness is determined to get you back and keep you out of the Will of God.  They will spare nothing.  They will work day and night to get to you, to get to your family, to get to your mind, to get to your heart.  Jesus warned us that:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:  John 10:10

Therefore, the One Thing we must be absolutely sure of is that we are Born Again and Right with God.    Nothing else really matters.  Jesus is not so much concerned about your church membership or your denominational affiliation. He is not so concerned about all your Spiritual Gifts.  Your Religious Credentials are worthless.  Your good works are just not enough.  Your performance doesn’t matter.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

And being right with God is the Main Thing

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