How to Succeed in Your Calling

1.         CATCH the VISION and KEEP it BURNING in your HEART,

“Where there is no vision the people perish.” Keep your calling and your commission fresh. “SEE IT” Let it rise up inside of you. Never lose sight of your objective. Remember that faith is the substance of things hoped for… Keep the Fire of God burning in your heart never let it wane. (Discover and know your Potential).

2.         Really Believe that you can do what you have been called to do.                   

Never doubt. Know that what God has Promised God will perform. Do not be discouraged by the magnitude of the task. God expects big things from us… He is a Big God.  See it (your mission) with the eye of Faith. Believer that it can be done. Believe not only that it can be done, realized, accomplished, and fulfilled, but …  believe that it is to be done now. 

3.         Begin with what you have…Do not wait for what you need.

Do something – lest ye do NOTHING.  Satan’s big trick is to make you wait.  God says “Now is the accepted time…Today is the day…  You have been waiting for years… what have you gained by waiting? Start right where you are and God will supply what you need as you need it.  

4.         Look and search diligently for ways to operate Word and Kingdom Principles.

“…for I will hasten my WORD to perform it…” (Jer. 1:12) God is looking for ways to show Himself Strong in your behalf. Look for ways to Work the Word. What you do with the Word determines what the Word will do for you. Get above the natural and begin to function in the supernatural. Operate by Heaven’s principles while you are still on  earth.    

5.         Never Quit.

No matter what… Never Quit! Say first thing in the morning, “devil, I am    not       going to quit today! I did not quit yesterday and I will not quit tomorrow. I am in this thing to stay! I’m not quitting!”  Make the devil move … make your problems move … make your obstacles move…Stand your ground and Never Quit!

6.         Keep your Mind and your Mouth in line with the Word.

What you Think you ARE.  “As a man thinketh in his heart … so is he” Keep Your thought life above the natural world. Set your affection on things above. Speak the Word or don’t speak at all!  If you can control your mind and your mouth you can live in the Supernatural.

7.         Make Preparation for your Visitation.

Prepare to Reap because you have been faithful in sowing…Get ready for your harvest. You got ready to Plant… now get ready to harvest. You got ready to Plant… now get ready toReap! Get ready to receive what you have beenbelieving for.   Dig some ditches and borrow some pots! (2Kings 3:16, 4:3)

Php 4:13  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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