Word for Today:  June 15

God is not mad.

God is Love.  Nothing will ever change that.  Nothing will ever alter that.  Nothing will ever cause Him to act in contradiction to that.  Nothing will ever make Him lose patience with you and withhold His kindness, His mercy or His grace.  God is Love.

Everything and all things that God does comes out of His Love.  He does not function in anger, wrath, retribution, or revenge.  He does not take pleasure in your pain even if your pain is the result of your sin.

God is grieved with every human hurt.  God is moved by every human discomfort.  God is not glad when you are reaping the results of your disobedience or sin.  God does not “teach us lessons” through suffering or distress.

God is Love.  He Hurts when you hurt.  He weeps when you weep.  He is in total empathy with you.  Not “sympathy” but empathy.  He understands.   He “feels” what you feel.  In spite of His exalted position and His enormous Responsibilities…

He cares for you.  He knows you intimately and extensively.  All about you.  Your pain.  Your sadness.  Your wounds.  Your disappointments.  Your rejection.  Your dreams.  Your desires.  Your aspirations.  Your innermost being…. The core of who you are.  Your heart.

God’s Love is proved by What and Who He has given.  The only way Love can be proved is by and through GIVING.  The God-kind of love has only one means of expression.   That expression is GIVING.

For God SO LOVED the WORLD that He GAVE….   John 3:16

His Provision for us through Christ is proof that He loves us.

He Loved, He Gave, He Provided

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