Word for Today:  June 27

God wants you to succeed

God wants you to succeed and not fail.  God wants you to be well and not sick.  God wants you to happy and not sad.  God want you to be prosperous and not poor.  God want you to have His Best.  And He has made every provision for this, but some are still waiting and hoping for their situation to change.

The real issue is that God is waiting for you to Change Things.  You can change things.  God has given you the authority and the power to change things…. There is no such thing to the Believer as “I can’t help it.” (Phil 4:13)

How do you change things?  How do you do it?

You need to understand that “with the mouth confession is made unto salvation…” (Rom 10:10).  Therefore what you say with your mouth is very important.  If you “confess” anything, you must “say” it.  If you confess anything, you must formulate thoughts in your mind and then make them come out of your mouth as words.

You can change things by and through the words that  you say.  Words were “here” before facts were “here.”  Words were here before worlds were here.  Words were here before people were here.  Words were here before the devil was here.  Words have more power than facts.  Words have more authority and more power than natural law has.  Words were here before physical and natural laws were set in motion by Almighty God at the time of Creation.

Words are important.  Words are weighty.  Words are more powerful than facts.  God used Words to create.  He “spoke” and “it was.”  Words are creative.  Words have the power to bring things into existence.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue…   (Prov18:21)

Words you say will produce success or failure

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